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Quotes by Soccerfata

My friend David got his ID stolen, so now I just call him Dav...
Kissing burns 5 calories per minute? No wonder I'm fat...
Me: "What if there was no google?" 
Friend: "I don't know, google it."
If every kiss begins with "k" then I'm just going to assume that when you text me "k" you secretly want to make out. 

If I were a waitress,
I would plant fake engagement rings in every girl's
champagne glass, just to see their boyfriends reaction.
When you yawn,
  And someone starts looking at you
But you can't stop yawning,
    So for about 10 seconds you're just like,


Friend: "Don't worry, the spider is smaller than you!"
Me: "Yea... well so is a grenade..."


 ..Wait, I think it's over.

Dang it! 
Ordering a pizza 15 minutes before 12:00 on New Years Eve then when the pizza arrives be all like " I ordered that pizza last year... "
Crazarounmy friends.
c l a s s y  a r o u n d  g u y s .
A    freak     around     my     family,    but     a
comeplete  losfor  words  around   you.
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