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You guys can always make my quotes prettier (cuz I'm all lazy and uncreative... which I'm pretty sure is not a real word) :D

but credit me? Please? If you want I guess, I mean, we've probably all thought these things so... yeah

I'm not really sure what to write here, in my "about section" (I GET AN ENTIRE SECTION WHERE I CAN WRITE ABOUT MYSELF :D) but I guess it's pretty exciting. First I'd like to apologize for my "unsure words"- what my english teacher likes to call them- and for my constant apologizing, which you might not notice unless you talk to me but it gets pretty annoying so not many people talk to me (understandable).

My name is Sarah. I'm 15 and I'm a sophomore in high school. Uhhhh I think I'll just say random stuff now. I like to do stage crew (I'm not one of those annoying stage crew people though cuz you know how some people get all entitled when they do stage crew? Yeah, not one of those) but I haven't been doing that lately because I'm not all that useful and I'm pretty sure they all hate me and I had some issues with a certain dijkdsfhdvxuhsvhjsdhiudgsiuhl who has no jfdgufhugvhjvsjidi (I don't know what either of those random smacking of the keyboard words were supposed to be, but use your imagination). I get easily addicted to tv shows/animes but then I can't keep up with watching them diligently every week so I guess I'm kind of a binge tv watcher (I totally do not mean that in the way where I'm making fun of binge eaters or people with eating disorders, not that I really support them either, well I support them in the way where I want to help them get better- okay how about you just read Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, heck just read all of her books). What I do watch diligently every week are Haven (best show on the syfy channel and can pass for regular tv if you ignore the uncontrollable random spurts of magic-like troubles) and Psych. But my latest binges were the Secret Circle and Once Upon a Time. I also watch Miss Marple and Murder, She Wrote whenever I happen across them on the guide (which is a super-awesome feature and I still cannot get over how-you know, I don't even know how to desribe how awesome it is, whoever invented it is super awesome). I also really like movies, which are better for my binge-tv-watching habits, unless I miss the character, but then I feel slightly less guilty and I know the whole story. Right now my favorite movie is Captain America (HE IS SO HOT AND SWEET AND FUNNY AND HOT AND I WANNA MARRY HIM BUT I WON'T GIVE ANY SPOILERS CUZ EVERYONE SHOULD SEE IT EVEN THOUGH I HAVE AN ENTIRE RANT I WANT TO GO ON ABOUT IT). But I love most movies (except TinTin andd the Muppets movie, even though I haven't seen them- I think I have the right to judge them and never see them). I really liked Cars 2 and it's not as bad as everyone says because they're all just judging it before they see it- I'm allowed to be hypocritical, but no one else is (see the many layers of hypocracy and irony and humor?). I also really like to read. I have a goal to finish all of the books on the teen reading list by the end of high school- it used to be by the end of sophomore year, but that's just not going to happen (here's the link to the PDF file if you want a goal too:

I just realized no one is ever going to read this. At first that made me sad, but now I'm also guilty because I shouldn't expect anyone to read this and that's just selfish of me. So now I feel sad and feel guilty for being sad and sad about feeling guilty for feeling sad and I'm not sure if it spirals anymore than that but I don't really want to get into it if it does because neither of those feelings are good and stuff.

Quotes by Soda71227

They say to never settle,

but what am I supposed to do if
I'm the one who is being settled for?

I can't tell anyone else this, besides you know, the internet.

There's this guy, and I think I might like him. His name is Michael. He's funny, he's nice, he has an amazing smile, pretty brown eyes (not like the poop brown eyes, which are not pretty), he's smart, he plays hockey (which makes him that much more attractive), and when I look at him, I feel the urge to run to him and hug him and have him hold me and whisper jokes in my ear. But the thing is, I have a boyfriend.

A boyfriend I'm not good enough for. A boyfriend who is super sweet and nice and said he loves me. He's no jock, or really a nerd, just normal. We've been dating for a year on February 19. I would never be able to break up with him. And suddenly, I'm not as interested in making out with him or kissing him, or anything like that. I want to hold his hand or hug him or kiss him on the cheek at most. I'm not good enough for him, and I feel almost like I've been taking advantage of him.

A few days ago, in my study skills/resource seminar/guided study hall of only five people, a girl was talking to the teacher about how she and her boyfriend broke up. She told the teacher she felt like she had wasted and entire year and a half of her life, because she had dated someone she knew wasn't right for her. My teacher told us about advice her brother had given her as "Don't settle, don't be with someone who isn't right for you".

But what am I supposed to do if I'm the one being settled for?

This has been stuck in my head and I don't know who I can tell without them judging me. You're probably judging me.
How horrible am I?
What should I do?

You know those really bad Christmas
movies they have on ABC family?

Like the really bad ones where everyone is over-dramatic and there are literally 7 actors and there's always a workaholic gets stranded on some hippie's farm or hut or something because of a blizzard or avalanche or tsunami or what have you and they hate each other at first but then one of them saves each other when they fall in the snow or something benign like that and they almost die and they realize that the other isn't as bad as they originally thought and there's a dramatic camera-zoom-in action and their lips slowly get closer but then something interrupts them then they do whatever until the workaholic is all like "we shouldn't have done that" and the hippie makes some wonderful one-liner and then they make out all night and then on christmas eve the snow melts or the flood waters recede or a plow comes through and the workaholic leaves and there's a sad montage but then at like midnight the hippie is all "merry christmas" to themselves and the workaholic comes back and they're like "I don't know why I wasn't able to say this earlier, but I love you" and then they kiss and christmas music plays and the camera zooms out and back through the snow and then the credits roll.

I really love those movies...


he kissed me in the rain.

Is it just people not adding quotes
that makes it just stop?

Who here doesn't wear make up?

Wearing a pretty bra makes you feel prettier
(True story)

My boyfriend doesn't wear hoodies