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Hey There Stanger :)
Hey it's Sofia,
You can call me Sofie,
I love Kidrock, The Script, Coldplay,
Green Day, The Fray, etc.
Love you all <3

My Bio:
I am the kind of girl you see on street 
playing with friends all the time,
or hanging with her guy friends after
school. I just want to make an impact on 
someone's life.


Favs List:
Color: Light Green
Song: I won't give up!!!
Tv Show:
World's Dumbest or Glee
Youtube Show: Smosh!!! <3
Food: Mashed Potatoes
Drink: Tea(hot or cold)
Movie: Titanic
Book: Hunger Games (Series)
Sport: Volleyball
{+} Him, Rollercoasters, Mashed Potatoes, Surfing, KidRock, Old cars, Nutella, Love, Italy, Japan, America, Friends, Dogs(especially German Shepards),
singing, writing, smiling, tubing, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, (basicly all sports!),music, Smosh and most of all...
LIFE!!! :)

{-} Bullies, Cyberbullies, Mean People, Veggies, The People who make fun of others (as if they were perfect), etc! :(

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Hey Guys, SofieSurfer here...telling you about my youtube channel.
I hope you subscribe it's SofieSurfer...I don't have any videos YET.
But if I did, what do you guys want me to do?
I am going to be doing covers, funny skits, vlogs, tutorials, etc.
Just comment below and I'll get back to you :)
Hey Guys, it's SofieSurfer! I just wanted to tell you all to follow me on Wattpad at SofieSurfer.
Also, I was wondering what songs should I do a cover of on my youtube channel.
Just answer below and I'll get back to you :)
The awkward moment when...
You little sister says, "Someone is on your bed waiting for you." 
And you freak out till you realize, it's your cat!
You'll never be brave,
if you don't get hurt.
You'll never learn,
if you don't make mistakes.
You'll never be successful,
if you don't encounter
speak louder than words.
We can apologize over and
over, but if our actions don't
change, our words are

-Google Image
"I love dogs! In fact, I love any want to
know why.They can do something humans can't, they
listen without judgement or bias. They don't ask for
anything in return of person interaction.
For any animal out there who is being beaten, hurt,
injured in ANY way.
I want to let you know there is hope. <3"


Life is a Rollercoaster...
you can whine and be afraid of it,
or you can enjoy it :)

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If the Grinch can get love,
Then anyone can