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this place has changed. 300 faves turned into 30, now 3.
things I like: art, writing, lady gaga, music, & the internet. 

Quotes by angelle*

If I just look at candy, I gain like 5 pounds.
you need to quit comparing Steve to God yeah hes great n all but hes no Steve
When you wake up and your room suddenly becomes Antarctica. 
I spend so much time online I look at windows and think "oh what a realistic painting."
*accidently spends entire life on the Internet*
Fish be like: If you're happy and you know it clap your.. oh.
I have this really ugly thing on my head called my face.
so I favorited quotes just looking around witty for about 20 minutes then I realized

"I'm not online."

Are only good in English class.
Me: Who needs boyfriends when you have the internet?

*internet crashes* 

Me: ...