Status: Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. <3
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Hi i'm Anna!
I'm 17 until January 8th.
I am a triplet and have an older sister and a dog named Shiloh
I love summer, softball, and hanging out with friends!
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In life you'll realize there
is a purpose for everyone you
meet. Some will test you, some
will use you, and some will
teach you. But most
importantly, some will bring
out the best in you.


Letting all the air out from your lungs and float to the bottom of the pool. 


What did the blankets say as it fell off the bed? Oh sheet


Covering your eyes during a movie 
and watching it through your fingers.


It's a BAD DAY


That awkward moment
when you sing the wrong part of the song with confidence. 


I live in a town everyone claims to hate, yet they never leave. 


Most girls want a guy who will
hold an umbrella & carry
them over puddles when its raining.
But I have a guy who will steal my umbrella,
ump in the puddles
just to splash me & kiss me
before I could say anything 


Mother nature is a f/cktard.
My mom says I can do 100 moods in 2 seconds.