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Sweet Brown
Well I woke up to go get me a cold pop, and I thought someone was barbequing. I said Oh Lord ,Jesus theres a fire! Then I ran out, I didn't grab no shoes or nothin' Jesus! I ran for my life, and then the smoke , gagged me! I got bronchitus...
Ain't nobody got time for that!
I don't mean to be mean, but I just love this! :) 


Summer Lov1D

So basically , it is about , all of us being 1D's summer loves :) And we spend the whole summer with them , and then when the end of summer comes , we sadly have to say goodbye for a while .... ( Is that any good? ) 
Melanie(Nialls Gf): Melanie has known Niall , for just about her whole life, the grew up together(nieghbors) and she has always been there for Niall and the boys.But Niall is know starting to have feelings for her and decided to date her.
Kenzie(Harry's Gf): Kenzie met Harry at a meet and greet in New York. When Harry first saw her, he had just fell in love. So they exchanged numbers and got to know eachother. Harry invited Kenzie to stay with him all Summer long.
Alicia(Louis Gf):Louis and Alicia were nieghbors when they were younger , and also best friends. Ever since Louis has been gone , he started to really miss her , so decided to spend all summer with her , and even make her , his.
Ellie(Liams Gf):Liam and Ellie , met at a concert ( not a 1D concert ) and they ended up falling in love and making it very serious. Liam always is with Ellie , no matter what!
Ashley(Zayns Gf):Ashley and Zayn went to school together , and have been dating ever since 7th grade. They have always been together , even while he is away, but thsi summer , he is taking her everywhere , concerts, meet and greets ...ect. , just to be with her.
Best Friends
(Louis Bff):Lulu and Louis have been friends for 2 years now , they met on the X-Factor( Lulu made it to top 8 ) They know eachother inside and out. They always talk to eachother when he is away.
Colby(Liams Bff):Liam and Colby went to a singing camp and met 4 years ago, and have been best friends ever since. Colby and Liam always have a special friend lunch every time he is home to see her.
Sammi(Zayns Bff): Zayn and Sammi met on Twitter, and they starting messaging and texting and twitcaming. They finally met about Christmas time last year and now they are SO close ( friendship only ) 
Kristina(Harry's Bff): Way back when Harry was a baker , Kristina was one of his regular costomers. And they were school mates , and best friends.They text all the time, and twitcam.
Abby(Nialls Bff): Niall and Abby go way back , Niall , Melanie and Abby were all best friends.Niall and Abby text all the time.
Bob(stalker):Ok , so this part wasn't planned but I thought it would be great! Anyways , Bob , is One Direction's stalker , or in his terms  ' Biggest Fan ' Bob , is a little messed up. He is a 46 year old man who is in love with this band! He is a carrot ( over obssesed fan ) And he follows the boys everywhere!
Alex(Photographer): Alex is their photographer , she is constantly , around the boys taking photos and she is making a year book ( more like summer book ) so at the end of the Summer , everyone gets one to have forever.  
Can you PLEASE comment if you like it/yourpart/the ideah ....? Please! 
The 1st Chapter should be up by next weekend :) 


I still need your basic info!!!  

Hello Wittians :) 

So if you are a directioner , I'm making a One Direction FacFiction :) 
It might take a while for each chapter to be up so , please do not get mad if it takes a while! I do have a social life ( surprising ) 
So I will Need 

Louis's Girlfriend-Alicia(imjustthatcool)

Liam's Girlfriend-Ellie(Ellie_G)

Zayn's GirlfriendAshley(Ashwe10)

Harry's Girlfriend-Kenzie(kenzieishawt)

Louis's Best Friend-Lulu(lulu4ever)

Liams Best Friend-Colby(FlorenceSong)

Zayns Best Friend-Sammi(TheeRunawaay)

Harry's Best Friend-Kristina(kristiXmorrison)

Niall's Best Friend-Abby(crazylifelover)

New Parts


The Boys Photograpger-Alex(AIExFrame_16)

(( I'm Nialls Girlfriend ))

Thanks guys so much , i'm not sure what the name is yet , or what it is about ... but I WILL notify all of you :) Thanks again 
Hello Wittians :) 
So if you are a directioner , I'm making a One Direction FacFiction :) 
It might take a while for each chapter to be up so , please do not get mad if it takes a while! I do have a social life ( surprising ) 
So I will Need 

Louis's Girlfriend

Liam's Girlfriend

Zayn's Girlfriend

Louis's Best Friend

Liams Best Friend

Zayns Best Friend

Harry's Best Friend

Niall's Best Friend

(( I'm Nialls Girlfriend ))
If someone has a problem
with you , just remember
it's their problem .

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Best Night Ever! :)  

Thanks yourcool! 
I just found out, I was born on a Friday! :) lol 


1. The love and support I have with  my friends and
family , I love you guys so much! Thanks you for
everything , I don't know where i'd be without you
! Love You All.
 2. My counrty, i'm thankfull for living in a free country! Jusr knowing what men make women do in other countries, makes me really happy for wher i live, America...
3.What I have in life , a home , a family, a bed , going to sleep each night with a full belly ... ect. , I'm thankful for all of that!
4.Going to school , getting an education , yes I hate going to school , but in the end , I'm thankfull for it, so when i'm older , I'll have a good job!
5. Witty , you all are so nice and sweet ,you can make anyone feel welcomed! You all are so beautiful and perfect!
6. One Direction , they make me feel happy! They are my little idiots and I love them for that!
7. My mum and dad , they are my everthing , they are my hero's! I love them so much! They are always looking out for me and helping me with everythin! I love you guys so much!
8. My sister , she is like my rolemodel! She is so pretty and smart! Without her , i'd be nothing! I love her so much! Although we fight , a lot ,I love her!
9.Mt best friends , Kenzie , Bailee , Hailie , Gabi , Nabrika , Lauren , Blake and Shiloh , these people are everytihng! They always make me laugh and they are so kind and caring! They are the ones I can trust with anything , Thanks guys , love you all!
10. God, he is my savior , I count on him with everytinhg, I know he is always there for me! I can't wait for the one day i get to meet him! But he decides when that will be. He is so amazing. I look up to him. He 100% believe in him. :) I can't explain how much he means to me. 

Thanks... :)  


my quote/nmf.

90% of people marry their 7th - 12th grade love.♥ Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight. If you don't repost this, your worst week starts now. i got nothing to lose, why not. :)

Ain't nobody got


for that!

Credit : BeautifullyImperfect

I love this! 

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