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I Basically Live On Tumblr Now Because I'd Rather Have Millions Of Pictures Of Frank Iero On My Dash Than Have 1D Quotes Shoved Down My Throat

So Yeah
I'm Zoe

I Don't Give A Damn Of What You Think Of Me
I'm Sick Of Labels And Trying To Fit In With Everyone Else

 Apparently I'm "Emo"
Whatever Think What You Want
I'm Forever A KillJoy
If You Can Make Me Laugh Till I Cry And Give Me Chocolate I Will Marry You But Don't Call Me Baby
It Annoys Me When People Say When You Have Suckish Friends Make New Ones...Kinda Hard When Everyone Else Hates Me

Panic! At The Disco
Green Day
Blink 182
Breaking Benjamin
A Day To Remember
Three Days Grace
Pencey Prep
  Falling In Reverse
The Offspring
And Other Stuff I'm Too Tired To Remember



Blow A Kiss At The

Methane Skies


A  Surprise  Party?

For Me?

~ You Shouldn' t Have ~


"What are those scars from?" she asked
"They're battle wounds." I replied.
Then she looked at me for a long time.
"Who were you battling?"


It's like you're screaming, and no one can hear.You almost feel ashamed, that someone could be that important - that without them, you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless; like nothing can save you. And when it's over, and it's gone, you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back - so that you could have the good.

Quotes by SoftyFrostySnowman

Just Because Someone Isn't Your Definition Of Beautiful Doesn't Give You The Right To Call Them Ugly

Something Snapped Inside Her
And She Hasn't Been The Same Since

Maybe That's My Problem
Maybe I Just Care Too Much

You May Be Alive
But That Doesn't Mean
You Are Truly Living

You're Here Just To Torment Me

"She's Ugly."
No, She Isn't Ugly, She Is Beautiful. Just Because You Choose
Not To See The Beauty In Someone, It Doesn't Make Them
Ugly. You Have No Right To Call A Girl Ugly. You Don't Know
How Much That Can Scar Her Self Esteem. She Has Just
As Many Feelings As You Do. Just Because Someone Can
Call You Ugly And You Take It As A Joke Doesn't Mean She
Can. She Is Beautiful In Every Way. If You Believe That You
Have The Right To Call A Girl Ugly, I'm Sorry.

~ Tumblr 

Life Goes On
And I'm Sick Of Sitting In The Past

I Don't Want To Talk About It
Just Forget It

I  Want To Yell And Scream At You
For Changing

Drag You Back
And Have Everything Go Back
To  Normal
But When It Comes
To The End
I Cannot Deny
That I Haven't Changed Either

I'm A Nobody In A World That Demands You To Be Somebody