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Somiya's Favorite Quotes


              Being in a relationship is like being   tickled.
            It's fun at first, you laugh and giggle then it becomes more of a rush.
            &  you get that funny feeling in your stomach.

               BUT SOON YOU FALL DOWN.&
                         you can't breathe and tears come to your eyes.      ||||||||||||||||||||||       you get left on the floor         
                                    b u t    a s    y o u    l a y    t h e r e    a n d   t h i n k   a b o u t   h o w   e x c i t i n g   i t   h a d   b e e n ,
              CATCHING  YOUR  BREATHE,&
                  you get the strength to get up and chase someone else.       ♥

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Dear Victoria, 

Yes, we all know your secret...

P A D D I N G .

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                                                          For those who aren't dating me.

The More You Hide Your Feelings
The More They Show
The More You Deny  Your Feelings
The Bigger They Grow

Haters gonna hate.
Potatoes gonna potate.
Waiters gonna wait.
Aligators gonna aligate.


"I told Harry that I was quitting the band of the 30th of February as a joke. He cried for hours!"

-Zayn Jawaad Malik-


If history repeats itself,

 I am so getting a dinosaur



Chucking somehting

Valuable against the wall when you're angry

Then running to see if its alright.

You fall in love,
at the most unexpected time,
with the
 most unexpected person.
But it's just fate.


I'm tired of being strong for everyone else.
I could be sitting here in tears     & still      be fixing someone   else's problems.
When is it my turn?