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Somiya's Favorite Quotes

when someone

points out the flaw that you're the most insecure about.


"You're so lazy"
No I'm not, I've been converting Oxygen into
Carbon Dioxide all day... I'm tired!

Seeing Couples Makeout In The Hall<3
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& to me,
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*Thoughts while looking at the Top Quotes*
1. Ha.Ha.Ha. Never seen that one before... *rolls eyes*
2. Oh look Jimmy365.. Again.
3. Attention seeking.
4. Fake fake fake.
5. See #2.
6. Wow. 576978 One Direction quotes.. No one cares.
7. Hahahahahaha that's funny. *fave*
8. Awhh another quote that makes me feel forever alone. *fave*
9. More Witty guys that try to seem so caring about girls. And we fall for it.
10. "Fave if..." No.
11. Oh it's another awkward moment that isn't awkward..
12. 422345 more iPhone conversations.
13. I'm pretty sure that's a top quote every day...
14. That's so sad.. *fave*

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I'm going to marry you one day.
 Y o u   j u s t   d o n ' t   k n o w   i t   y e t .

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One Directiofact #119
Niall slept with a teddy until he was 12, and he still owns it and keeps it in his apartment. When he goes on long trips, he takes it with him.

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One Directiofact #117
Niall's dad proposed to his mom on Valentine's Day, and he plans on doing the same for a girl one day.

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"back in the day we didn't have internet..."
well, doesn't that just suck for you?


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