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Haii Derr ;]
I'm Sophia. But You Can Call Me Sophie ;)
Yeaa, I'm Awesome.. So What?

So anyways i'm a really awkward person but we can be friends if you want so yahh.

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Quotes by SophiaIzAwesome

I accidentally poured coke into a glass that had water.. so now my coke tastes like pretty much nothing... :/
Cause I don't wanna fall in love.
If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack...
You were born an original,
don't die a copy...
There comes a day when you realise that you are always there for someone, and they appreciate it, but they are not there for you. And you never thought of that, until now. You need someone, but you don't know it. it's like they just don't acknowledge you at all...  
Sometimes you know how things are going to turn out,
but you get disappointed and upset anyway...
i had my hopes high,
and my dreams even higher,
but they were shattered...
as i came back to earth,
back to my reality..
as always.
sometimes you want to feel the pain.
*me while sleeping*
e: *wakes up* it's so early. *goes back to sleep.*
me: *wakes up one minute later, realises half an hour has past*

*me while at school*
me: *goes to sleep*
me: *wakes up, and only one minute has past...*

how is this possible...?!

me: *about to write a quote*
me: *sees something ontop of the quote box thingy*
and it said....
"Write something a stranger would hang on their wall".

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