Status: I screw up too much. I'm sorry to everyone I hurt and am hurting.
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Katherine. 19. You won't like me, (yeah you will) I am incredibly wrapped up in myself (oh hush you). I won't like you either though, so it's a win-win(She's not liking herself). I don't deserve friends (KATHERINE STOP). I screw that stuff up (Like her about her section....). I just hurt people. I make their lives worse. Honestly, it's probably best for you to stay away from me (Tell her to be nice to herself :ccc she's so mean!). 

If you're a brave soul however, or if you just recognize yourself in me just by what I've stated, maybe I should give you the chance to know me.

Most people call me Katy. I'm terrified of mannequins and semi trucks and heights and the dark and belly buttons and mustaches. I love penguins and turtles and the Lion King and books and the smell of freshly mowed lawns and the rain. 

I like using and much.

I'm weird. And if you ( me off....Uhhh.. well....It's not pretty. 

Katherine. 18. I'm amazing. It's hard to not like me really, because well, i make you laugh when you aren't able to. And i make you smile when you feel like crying. Hey sure, i have some imperfections, but who doesn't? If that makes you not like me then made you should get off my profile. Seriously, i have enoughon my mind, so if you are here to be negitive about me just save your time now, because its really useless. I ignore the good in me and only see the bad things. Honestly i am not a nice person to myself, i am a bully to myself, and what people say only makes it worse. I am worth your time though, so come chat with me.
You will always be my Batman.
UHMMMM where do i put dis?


You currently left me :ccc Like hey, come back..... You just like left D: Well guys, this girl is amazing. All she will tell you is bad stuff about her, DON'T BELIEVE IT. She loves Lion king, but it makes her cry so if you want a smile (Or her attention) Don't watch it with her XD She also lovessssss animals, so if you show her cute animal videos, or anything like that, you get to see her amazingly beautiful smile. It hurts me when she cries, I can't help her is why it hurts me. She's going through a bad time right now, so if you say mean things to her, I will hunt you down and hurt you. She enjoys whining, its pretty freaking adorable, and everything she does can just make you so happy. She's not what she seems to be though, she isn't the smiling girl you all see in her pictures, as much as she tries, some times she collapses. Sometimes the pain gets too much, sometimes thoughts win. And she can't always just trust herself, she needs others too. Which is why you all need to see what I see in her. We have little fights over who likes Kellin Quinn more, and we share the same taste in music at some points, and we can go on for hours and hours about little pointless little things. Sure we fight, sure we break, sure we fall apart, but she means the world to me, and she is an amazing friend <3 BUT COME ON NOW, COME BACK :S Now that i'm done being all formal... lolwut. DUCT TAPE first off. Like just STOP. Its DUCT TAPE. I CANT CHANGE EVEN IF I TRIED! Sorry it was on and I was singingggggg! Uhm... i'm tired. It's like 4am lol so much for catching up on sleep XDDDD I don't minddddd though :3 KATHERINE ALYCIA IS AMAZINGGGGGG AND YOU SHOULD ALL LOVE HER LIKE I DO AND FOLLLLLLLLOW HERRRRRRRRRRRR CAUSE SHES AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!


Quotes by SorrowUnleashed

I met you here over two years ago.God, time flies by fast.Our first kiss was here. Do you remember? You were so nervous."You give me butterflies!"
u make me feel the whole animal kingdom."Our first I love yous were said here, as well as our first fight. Two years ago, I swore I was going to marry you. One year ago, all we did was fightNow you're no longer in my life, and nothing do can make it right. A lot has changesince that day, and not in a good way.I just wanted you to know, I still love you. Not in the way I did, but it's a type of love all the same. This is where we had our first hello, please don't let it be where we say our last goodbye.
You swore we'd be friends forever. I counted less.
I can't keep sleeping in your bed if you keep messing with my head.  

I can't keep feeling love like this,

It's not worth temporary bliss.
"Tell me whats the point of doing this every night
What you're giving me
Is nothing but a heartless lullaby
Gonna kill my dreams, oh
This is the last time
Baby make up your mind."

And he took pride in knowing,
My secret smile. 
He loved that he could make me laugh,
And said he loved the twinkle in my eyes.
He claimed to know my heart and body like a map,
That he noticed everything.
But he never noticed,
That my smile fell when he turned away.
He never noticed, 
When the laughter became forced,
Or when my eyes became dull and empty.
He knew my body like a map,
But he didn't notice the red razor lines that appeared,
Or when my ribs started showing from not eating. 
No, he never noticed those simple things,
Until I was broken on the floor.
And then he just walked away.

Just friends don't look at each other that way.
At first, I just wanted him to f--k me.
But then I got greedy...
And I wanted him to love me. 
And when I said it didn't matter, I meant to you. And when you didn't press the subject, I knew it was true. I just don't matter to you.
How miserable do I have to be until you're finally happy?
And you could put a dozen bullets in my leg,
Stab me in the heart 50 times.
You could force me to lay down on a bed of nails,
And drive them through my body.
But none of it would hurt half as bad,
As what you put me through.