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This City, So Pretty
well helloo there dahling:]
name?---> erin
heightt?--->a tad shortt.

so im lovin my friends, theyre amazing and without them i probably would have gone crrrazy. [believe me, i'm halfway there, if ya know what i mean jellybean]
we have great moments and inside jokes and we probably laugh more times a day than the average person. 

i'm also kind of addicted to a few things dollfacee.
my cell, my itouch, going to concerts, shopping, talking, AIM, wittyprofiles, and picnik are some of them. i also looove music.
it's kinda my life,
some grreat artists? 

the academy is..., the all american rejects, all time low, boys like girls, the cab, cartel, cash cash, 
a change of pace, cobra starship, david archuleta, demi lovato, evanescence, fall out boy, flyleaf, forever the sickest kids,  
the friday night boys,
hey monday, the hush sound, jason mraz, jonas brothers, kate voegle, katy perry, kelly clarkson, kerli, lady gaga, lily allen, linkin park, metro station, motion city soundtrack,  nevershoutnever!, 
panic!at the disco, paramore, phantom planet,  pink, plain white t's, regina spektor, relient k, rob thomas, school boy humor, the script, secondhand serenade, signal the escape, sing it loud, taylor swift, ten second epic, there for tomorrow, the veronicas, we the kings, 3oh!3

thats pretty much my entire playlist:]

well i guess thats rate, comment, fave. i promise you will make my day if you do any of those things punkin.
thanks for readingg.loveeyou!

ps.requests?--->i take those!


Fanart?! thanks so much:]

SpAzGrL78's Favorite Quotes

W h y   d o     w e     n e e d    a l g e b r a?
F I  N D I N G    X    I S   O N L Y   U S E F U L   I F   Y O U ' R E   A   P I R A T E .

i could conquer the world
   with one hand         ------->        if you were holding my other one    Black
Black Backround

The freshman girl
oh so shy, sits and watches the sophomore guy.
The sophomore guy

with h i s head i n a wh i r l, sits and watches the jun i or g i r l.
The junior girl

i n  her  red  sat i n,  s i ts  and  watches the sen i or man.
But the senior man

a l l hott and wi l d, secretly loves the freshman ch i l d<3

Boy: Your aweso .

Girl: Why aweso ? 

Boy: Because you dont have me.

if I weren't so young, or stupid, or restless,
I might be able to just soon forget this.                                                                                                            

I can't promise you that you'll be happier with me,
than you are now, but if you're looking for someone to love you, I can swear that I know how.               < - - - - - - - - -                                        
What's worse than

                               losing the boy you love?
                                                           L O S I N G          Y O U R     B E S T                 F R I E N D .

e haven't spoken in [
eleven] days
N o t     x     t h a t     x     I ' m      x      c o u n t i n g     x     o r     x     a n y t h i n g.

THe StiLL  LOVe  eaC OtHer,

This quote does not exist.