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To All You Hatin Ass Bi*ches: .:Fall Bakk && Remove Yourselves:. She taught you the meaning o0f love Now teach her the meaning 0of forever

Quotes by SpanishXPrincessX

you couldn't understand the pain that i had gone through then now i dont even wanna hear the explanation you have.
id scream all day and cry at night bc you would never call so i hit the wall a couple times than sat right on the floor.
i thought of you a million times the way you looked at me i smiled real big and hoped to see the real side of you and me
i put my head down so i could think but you couldnt understand id stare in space so i could think but you came in my head
Too Many Stars In The Skies*Too Many Tears Left My Eyes*Too Many Boys Out In The Blue*But They Are Nothing Compared To You
You wondered how you’d make it through.
I wondered what was wrong with you.
Because how could you give your love to
someone else, yet share your dreams with me?
Sometimes the only thing you’re looking for,
is the one thing you can’t see.
You took my heart and tore it at the seam.
Didn't I make such a lovely murder scene?
And I miss your hugs,
how you held me tight when I was scared,
I miss how you wiped away all of my tears,
and no matter how bad things got, you were strong
but most of all I miss how you held me up
and made me laugh through it all.
Some Things In Life Are Worth The Wait
Even If If Means Waiting Forever. <3.
I Dont Care About The Distance,
I Just Care About You. <3.