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Quotes by SparksFly34

Hello Witty. 
It's been a while. Longer than i thought really. Anyway,
update on life if anyone cares to read it.
Just past my ten months of being clean. I don't miss it anymore, it's crazy.
I hate people, they leave you behind all of them time, but you just have to survive without them.
I've made mistakes, but i can honestly say i don't think i regret them for a second.
I missed all of you on here,
and I'll try to be on more often.
Keep Fighting lovelies.
Hold me close
Don't let go
Watch me burn.
SOmetimes the people we should fear most
are the ones closest to us.
I don't know what to feel anymore...
I think that the best part of it being my birthday is that I have a little present next to my username :)
The worst part about loving someone is knowing how much they can hurt you if they decide to leave.
I remember when I was little I never used to cry.
Now tears are the only thing that gets me to sleep at night.
I honestly don't know what do to anymore...
A kid doesn't understand that words
stay with you for the rest of your life,
whether they are pure or filled with hatred.
I'm fi-, no I'm not.