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" speakyourmind "

Does anyone want my username? I don't go on here anymore really (I haven't for a long time.)

But today I was thinking and I was like, wow I have a really good witty name.

I was like one of the first people here

But I don't use it

And that's morally wrong.

So does anyone want it that'll make good use of it?

I'll give you the password.

If more than one person asks I'll hold a contest or a survey or something !


Maybe it's only me;
but when I see him and her
I'm not mad.
I'm not jealous.
I don't want to rip her head off.
He loves her. I love him.& I've come to realize that love:
it's not wanting someone all to yourself.
It's about wanting the best for them.
 I want him to be happy
&& If she honestly completes him;
then I guess I'll just have to live with the pain for a while
and wish them the best of luck♥

The key to change

is to let go of fear ♥

The quietest people

u s u a l l y   h a v e   t h e   m o s t   t o   s a y //♥