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The name is Julia and ill be turning 15 in November. I am easy to get along with and i love giving people advice. Im the girl on the left (to the middleish) in that picture btw.As of now, i am going through a lot and i need to talk to some people aside from my best friend. Well basically i like everybody unless they are fake. FAKE PEOPLE PISS ME OFF MORE THAN ANYTHING! other than that ill love youu...im such a gleek :D

keepin' it


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need somebody to talk to '___'
My life sucks. i need somebody to talk 2!
Thank you to all the soldiers serving for us! We couldn't do it with out you! <3
Nothing is right.
Love is old, love is new, love is all, love is you
-The Beatles<3
- the  
I hate the new witty!
Fav this and i will tell you something i like about you based on ur profile!
Life now might suck but please listen to me it gets better. Don't give up. 

If anyone need to talk i am here