Status: I only want you. Why can't you see that?
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Location: With Your Mom. She Just Told Me She Liked Me. Looks Like Ill Be Staying For A While..
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HEY(= im Spicy Brown. I Play Guitar and Piano(=
Wall of hacks(:

Heyyy Katie, ish me Madiboo
Your bestest friend in the whole wide world!!
Just wanted to say hay and that I'm here to stay
I won't leave our friendship for anything
well maybe, Beau Brooks is a pretty good option
But I'm just kidding.
Follow this girl she means the world to me,
I would take a bullet for her.
luvv BlackKeysLover

Heyy katie(:
its cameron here:P
just wanted to say that you guys should follow her
because she is AMAZING!!
Haha love you best friend<3