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Dear Visiter,

really say 'I miss you' you say 'tmmanques" which is closer to
'you are missing from me'
lovthat'you are missing from me' 
it's like your  a part of me, you are essential to my being
an organ, or blood.  
cannofunction without you. 

so here goes, i never imagined myself writing a goodbye letter to a website,
and then, when I grew that attached to witty, I never thought I say goodbye.
Truth is, I cannot thank witty profiles enough for being there for me, when so
much wasn't. This was my escape, the place I could get out of reality and fall
into the arms of a bunch of lovely, understandly people who knew exactly
what I was going through. I'm going to miss this place so much, but I think
it's my time to go. I haven't been on here properly for the past few months
now, but this site deserves a proper goobye. I've been with witty for over a
year and a half now. That's crazy. I only found this website because I was 
looking for cool new fronts! haha but seriously, I've had such an amazing
year and a half on here, I've met so many wonderful people, I've been so
lucky with everything. This site is truly one of a kind and in the recent
months I've seen it lose quite a bit of interest, but I really hope that isn't 
the case at all. My one wish for witty is that it goes back to the way it was
with the help of you guys. When daily top quotes used to get 2000 faves.
I miss them days. Now someone's lucky if they get a couple hundred. But
I'm getting off point there. I cannot thank witty for the people i've met on 
here. These people have changed my life. As cheesy as it sounds, it's all true!
Anyways, I love you guys with all my heart. Just for a certain few I've written
a little about you just because I've suddenly realised how much i'm going to
miss you (see below vvv).

Please, i'm not gone forever, i'm just growing out of witty talk to me at

i love every one of you, and hey thanks for visiting my page fellow wittian.
tonnes of hugs and kisses
Jess xo

Deena; where do I begin? we go years back. I love you so much, you are such an amazing best friend to me, please please please make sure you email me, otherwise i'll cry knowing i won't get to speak to you again! I love you to the moon and back infinite times. No one can beat that. Good luck with the stats;) i'm sure you'll have done amazinglllyyy well. love you forever, no matter where you are in the world, you'll always be my long lost sister :') love you forever my gorgeous girl xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Alvin; my ickle alvin carrot, we're the perfect two, baby me and youuu we're the perfect two. it's so true, you've been there so much for me and i love you for that. you're brilliant and hilarious and amazing and me you and joanna were going to meet up someday remember? go to new york! meet in london! we had so many plans. please keep in touch, we haven't talked properly in a while - all my fault for never being on this damn site. anyways, we're the perfect two. NEVER forget that ♥♥♥♥

Kitty; argh, me and you and lauren didn't have the best way of meeting i remember, but i was probably pms-ing;) as per usual! hahaha, but seriously, i swear that was like my first day on witty and i thought i was all macho and bid kid with swag. suddenly, i realised that's the most stupid thing i could have been:D hahaha, i'm gonna miss you tons so message me okay! from day 1 on here, you've been with me through the ups, the downs and the pottermore harry potter fangirling moments! i'll always be your little friend from hufflepuff, love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

lauren; YOU. how can i go on to talk about you? you're too amazing for words. you're my immature besty and our 69 jokes are brill:D you beautiful girl, you're gonna have the perfect princess life i swear. just promise me that you'll look after yourself because compared to alot of people out there you are soooo lucky. and you're blessed with to-die-for looks ofc! chat to me, i'll always be contactable.. (is that even a word?) you know how:) LOVE YOU TO INFINITY X69696969 69EVA ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Vanessa; you beautiful girl. i love hearing your stories so much, they make me laugh and cry and hope for you that you have the best of luck with Payton, and if not? SCREW HIM, you'll find someone waaaayyyy better i swear:') you're a beautiful, talented girl and i reckon you should become an author, and send me the first book straight away so i can be the first to read it;) love you beautiful girl ♥♥♥♥

Niamh; TEEN AWARD BUDDIES. for one moment, well for like 2 hours or whatever, me and you were in the same room, so close, yet so far apart. but that's just so amazing. i swear it proves like how small this world is and i reckon there's a brill chance we'll meet someday. go this year, i'm certainly trying for tickets. you never know, we could end up sitting next to each other;) love you forever and always ♥♥♥♥

Hannah; my little beauty! making all my badminton costumes for me and flying in a helicoptor to come and see me;) if only that was really possible, i reckon we'd be like those unseperable best friends who never let each other go. it would be brilliant. so yeah, whenever you become a millionaire and get that helicoptor, fly over to england and come and see you're cousin jess :') hehe, i'm not taking no for an answer ♥♥♥♥

Joshua; well, i know you've already gone, but even just typing this i feel like i'm talking to you again :') i miss you so much my little soccer pro! you always gave the most brill advice and i love that especially as it's coming from a guy, you're lovely to everyone and make friends with everyone, it's amazing. i'm gonna miss you so much mate! ♥

Sean; You are amazing. You instantly know how to cheer me up in like one second, it's unbelievable! Like a minute after talking to you and i'm grinning from ear to ear! You really know how to flarrer a girl;) you got me through the hard breakup and you pushed me forward and basically told me how pathetic i was being, which was so true, I just needed you to make me realise that ;) talk to me, i need my sean in my life ♥

Sarah; omgggg girl! i need a catch up with you so bad! i miss chatting, just chatting. just chatting to you was always so amazing, you always make me realise how lucky i am just to be me, and you are so lucky too. it's hard to explain, but you always point out all the amazing things going on in my life, when i'm looking past them and you make me think 'hey if only i was like sarah and focused on the good' i always carry that with me, stay strong ♥

Aiden; AIDEN, OMG AIDEN. i miss you so much. you were always there for me, you put up with me when i was being stupid or annoying or whatever else and then you'd always make me laugh until my sides hurt, i miss you so much now you're gone, but you'll always stay in my heart, love you ♥

Ash; HEY GURL, you are one amazing beautiful girl and I am going to miss you so so much! you are so good at advice it's crazy! you make me feel beautiful when i talk to you, as werid as that sounds, because you boost my confidence and make me feel special. but you are the gorgeous special one who deserves every single happiness in her life! i wish you nothing but the best my lovely ♥♥

Linda; my little pro model, arhh i swear you should go to some agencies and they'll all be fightling to get a bit of you as one of their models! you are so stunning and you have the most gorgeous personality to match, I am so lucky to have met you, you have really brightened up my life. mail me if you have time:* ♥♥♥♥

so i guess this is goodbye, but please don't let it be! talk to me

i love every single one of you.
witty profiles ~10/02/12-18/08/13

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Just Desserts* 9 years ago
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Jess I miss you so much, I tried to email you honestly but my email said there was some sort of problem sending and I don't now what to do! Do you have kik?
Just Desserts* 9 years ago
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I miss you so much omg
Lauren🌸* 9 years ago
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jess my hoe.
i miss you!<3
Alaska Young* 9 years ago
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jess I miss you
you look so beautiful in all your pictures
chick_orange 9 years ago
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Jeess I miss you:(
Now I shall stare at your beautiful face and hair :)))))))))))))))) xox
givingyoumyheart 9 years ago
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im okay I guess.
Just Desserts* 9 years ago
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I miss you :) You're so gorgeous!
*trop chic* 9 years ago
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I miss you.
justkidding* 9 years ago
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I’m so sorry about Matty dear.
How are you?
I miss you a lot &I love you.<3
happiest* 9 years ago
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You're so beautiful :)
Lauren🌸* 9 years ago
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hehe, so you should. They're perfect;)
do you draw them on?SLUUUUUGS c;
you can totes be my slug, yeye!
I think it's cute when people have that small lil' dimple in their chin tho aw
sitting next to him in pe may be hard, but maybe you should give yourself a break; + ask the teacher if you can move? It's not fair on you, it really isn't.

secondly; your "so-called-bestfriend well..
she isn't a best friend, there's a line..
and she's trying to cross it.
no offence, but she sounds like trouble.
she knows how much you love him, how dare she!
she probably asked if she'd be mad if becca fancied matty, to clear her own back + to actually see if you would be mad or not.

do you think he likes her back?
hehe so am I, he goes to my school:-)
he's in my form<3

I can't though, I don't know what to say.
I love you so much more jessy<3
Ralph* 9 years ago
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My dearest Jess,
I'm so sorry I haven't been on in forever! Please forgive me, but I've gotten out of school today &I'm completely ready to take on Witty as a job this summer since I have no other priorities to get to. I'm also getting my braces off tomorrow. I'm not too busy, though, I promise. Plenty of time for you. I love you. ♥
I'm very glad that you enjoy reading all those books! You must be super creative, then. How did you like The Fault in our Stars? I loved it so much, I remembered all the quotes that I absolutely loved, &wrote them down in my phone. I still even have the guilty pleasure to say the quotes aloud because I'm so corny.
I have to warn you, though, I've been reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, &it is one of the most driest of pieces of literature I could have read for entertainment. Since it is formed like a diary, nothing too interesting can be said, &since it is also anonymous, things aren't laid out enough for you to have a pure enough picture &enjoy it. I'm trying to reread it to see if I could possibly find it in my heart to look back on it &enjoy it, but I think at this point, it is quite useless &I'm going to read 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It's one of my summer reading novels that I have to read for school, &it looks fantastic. Look it up if you're interested, because I've already skimmed through &it looks enjoyable. \^.^/
I'm very sorry that Matty made a very wrong decision in breaking up with you. But just know that everything happens for a reason, &it didn't change anything about you. You are still beautiful, smart, talented, &full of nice thoughts. Let those positives characteristics inspire you to go further in life with a smile, because chances are if Matty had fallen in love with them, many other boys will, too. ♥
You'll make it out. I'm very glad everybody is staying positive &mature about it. Gold stars for everybody! I'm not sure if you're on summer break yet, but if you are, I can already smell the love in the air you have in store for these next few months. Keep me updated on things with Matty if anything happens! I'll be looking forward to your amazing stories. (:

Now, I'm guessing you're curious to see what's been going on in my life throughout all these months I haven't been on Witty. &To be quite honest, nothing special has gone on. I've simply finished my school year, played my guitar, &have been anticipating summer. I'm not sure why, but I never really go on Witty, Tumblr, or Facebook anymore. I feel so distant from the world this way, but I can't bring myself to come back here &enjoy myself the same way I used to. Everybody seems to have left Witty. Now, I only come on to speak to my amazing friends like you, &perhaps get a little laugh as I scroll through the Top Quotes, but I don't get any further than page 4.
North Carolina is soon coming my way, &I'm very excited. My mother still hasn't approved of me going on the trip, because she hasn't called my friend's mother. I'm trying my hardest to be on my best behavior so she'll end up letting me go, but it's very difficult when she's so demanding. So far, it's working. Everybody is getting ready for me to meet Payton, &I think it's very amusing. My friend even says she wants him to come swimming at our little apartment that we're renting out for the week... which means he will be shirtless. And I, will be enjoying that very much. ;)
On Saturday, I'll be leaving for a different place to go on vacation though- family only, no cute boys to see. Sigh. But no worries, I'll just have to get very nice&tan&pretty during that wonderful week.
Last Saturday, my same friend(Kirsten) had a pool party, &a boy named Jake came. Him&I flirted &we shared a chair together so we were very close, but he couldn't do anything to me, because he lives in a different town and he has a girlfriend. I've known Jake since about four years ago, so we're close. I feel as if his mother didn't like me, though. Oh well, everyone's a critic.

If you have any other exciting or interesting news, I'd love to hear it. Or maybe it's just simply something you had for lunch that was quite yummy. I'll be looking forward to it, smile, smile, smile. ♥
I love you dearly.
chick_orange 9 years ago
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Statistics went alright I suppose, I think I've done better than my mock, hoping for a B!!!:)
How about you girl with the gorgeous faceandeyebrowsthatanyboywouldwanttomarry? ;)

Aw that must suck :( how have you coped with that so far? you need to be strong, ain't nobody gonna mess with Jess's heart! Mann I wish i came to your school, i would give him the time of his life using my death glaring powers mwahh and maybe a bong on his head, you never know, might knock some some sence into him :P Has he moved on yet if you don't mind me asking? ♥ he should be begging for your forgivness I think!
aw thats okay, love ya too<3
Omg I know right! funny how I love her music so much when I haven't really been through any of it :P but now I'm even more forever alone as one of my other friends has got a boyfriend and I have a feeling that everyone will get a boyfriend by the end of year 11 and I'll be the cool potato chillling yaayyy for singles:))))))
Naw Jess your too nice:') I guess I am just saving for the right guy:)
Aww, but isn't it weird that your future husband is walking on this earth right now? sttrrraannggeee!!!

hahaaa lovelovelovelove YOU
*trop chic* 9 years ago
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oh my gosh like you are actually so gorgeous, like you have the cutest smile and prettiest face in the world like i want it<3
how is it going with you? what have you been up to? are you still in school?
My summer started last Tuesday, so I've been going to tons of parties and places with my friends, because my job starts next week. Oh my gosh on THursday, I'm not sure if you remember but the I had a huge crush on this boy last summer and we were good friends, well we haven't seen and only occasionally talked to each other for the whole year, so I'm seeing him this Thursday, and I am so nervous. OMG :)
Do you have any boy crushes? Weren't you dating that boy, wasn't his name Matty I think?
Miss you <3
Fading.From.Reality* 9 years ago
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Wow. Why are you so pretty? :)xx
Just Desserts* 9 years ago
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It's going quite well thank you :) But I haven't been riding for a while because I have hay fever D:
Ahhh I love it so much :D

Yes, I can't wait for summer! I've already made plans :D
Aww you're welcome :') I'm always here for you if you should need me :)
I lovee you
Alaska Young* 9 years ago
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givingyoumyheart 9 years ago
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Hi lovely (: I miss you times a thousand and seven!!! <3 how are you?!
*trop chic* 9 years ago
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Hun you didn't reply to my comment.
Lauren🌸* 9 years ago
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I know you are Jess, & I'm ngl, it will hurt you until you finally get over him. You know what you need to do? just for a few months? You need to try not to talk to him, not to look at him, not to even acknowledge his existence, until you finally get over him. He'll probably get another girlfriend, & you'll probably act like you don't care, but inside it'll be killing you; but you have to prepare yourself. Most guys are the same Jess, most of them are liars, & most of them will make you fall, not intending to catch you. If I'm honest with you Jess baby, it sounds like he wanted to get out of the relationship. You just need to try & fix yourself, but whatever you do.. please don't do something stupid! you won't fully get over him, you'll LEARN how to live without him.
Three weeks isn't that long, it'll take alot longer to get over him, but in the end you will, and you'll find someone who deserves you.

thankyou so, so much jess c:
I'm so proud of you too, especially after what's happened with whatcha call him?
I think you're strong & I look up to you alot.

ugh, with Tristan it's a loooong story.
basically, the relationship was dying, and I was falling for sam.
I needed space away from tristan, so I dumped him, and then a few weeks later, I got with Sam. Now Tristan's going around telling everyone I cheated on him fgs.

well with sam, I was falling for him when I was with Tristan.
a few weeks/days whatever, after I'd dumped tristan, sam asked me out and omfg jess i said yes but ohmy
he's so cute<3
he always cuddles me, & we kiss, & he nuzzles my nose & he puts his arm around me & omfg he's amazing<3

I know it is, but on fathers day I broke.
I just broke in two, & I was just crying in my nans arms.

I don't know how to, I really don't:/

thankyou,I'll always be here for you too<3

i love you to beyond infinity & back again.