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     hi there. i'm molly. follw me on tumblr, add me on facebook

Quotes by Squarez

I dont want to be anything other than
what I've been trying to be lately ------
all i have to do is think of me and i
have peace of mind.
Why can't I be happy                 
Why can't I be less confused
Why can't I be go through the day without thinking of suicide
Why can't I be less of a player
Why can't I be happy with the way I look
Why can't I be not so insecure
Why can't I be smart
Why can't I be beautiful
Why can't I be happy with my boyfriend
Why can't I be perfect

The girl who seemed unbrokeable                   broke
The girl who seemed so strong                       crumbled
The girl who always laughed it off                  cried
The girl who never stopped trying                   finally gave up 

 Im tired of feeling worthless 


l l l l l
you're the colours to my rainbow.



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i love jacoby shaddix

love in a hopeless place                                 
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