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I x3 Derrick

Quotes by StArBaBy

               ,  ,                             
          _  _ \`.)\  _  _                      
         __)\)`-)   )'|//(  ___                 
       _.--'     ___  `' <,',-\                 
      /,-._  ,\|'   `-._   `<_                  
        /_( (  _       `-.  <_`                 
       (.-_\/ _-.  )\,'   \ `.`_                
      ,| /O|:|O\ \/  \;  . \ \<                 
    .';|/__/;\__\ |   \.'   \(\`                
   / ; /  .'      |    \     ; \-.              
  / ; /__;__     /      ; ,--.`.`.\             
 /.' /" ;   "-. |       |'      ; `.            
/;   !  ;      `|       |        `. `.          
|    \ O; O     |       ;          ;. `.        
\    ,\  ;     /\      /            ;   \       
 \ ,'  `._;_.-'  \   .'             :    \      
  '          /    ),'                ;    \     
             |    /                   ;    \    
             >-. /                    ;     |   
            /   |                     ;     |   
        __,-|   |      .-             ;     |   
     ,-' /`. .  \    _;_              ;     |-. 
    ( /`-.      ,"""' `.`-.           ;     /. \
     `| .'`-.,-/        \            ;'    /   |
      |    .'`|                      ;         |
       \      ;                     ;'        / 
        \     `               .--.;'        .'  
         `._.-`-.    .       / (_)\     /.-'    
                 `--'-.      | | \| _.-'        
                       `--....\ \--'            
              (\ |\_  \`=. `, /__) )            
              _\`'  `~-`=._.=7.__.'             
             /_.~')    _.'/`;='.`=.             
                 /,'),'  /   `     )            
                '  (/    `._.='`=='             

I <3 Eeyore!!!! 
You never said you were perfect,
but you always were to me.
Loving you was always worth it,
cause You see so much in me.
And when I'm down,
you're there to lift me.
You come around,
when I need a friend.
And no one loved me like you do,
Unconditional and true.
You're the shoulder that I've always known
And the hand that says I'm not alone
More than myself,
I love you more than life itself!

Did u know that I get lonely?
at the thought of you not being here.
Can you see that you're the only,
one who never disappears?
And when I fear you are the comfort
The one who steers me to the light.
And no one loves me like you do.
Unconditional and true.
You're the shoulder that I've always known
and the hand that says I'm not alone.
More than myself,
I love you more than life itself.

I love you! I love you! I love you!
And I dont care if it sounds trite.
I'll say it over and over
It makes me feel alive
you give me all my fire
by Watching what you live
by what you believe
so many things you taught me
and even when you caught me
I always knew that you could still see the best in me
the best in me
No one loved me like you do
unconditional and true
You're the shoulder that I've always known
and the hand that says I'm not alone

I love you more than life itself
I love you more than life itself
I love you more than life itself
I love you more than life itself
More than you know
More than you know
I love you more than life itself!
My head's on the run
And it's running for us
I've only begun
and I'll never be done
On my own's where I know
And nobody can hold
Me down when I come
'Cos my head's on the run
*Girls send this to your boyfriends and see what they say

Would you:

wear my hairtie around your wrist?
wear my rubber bracelet on your wrist?
wear something I made you?
wear one of my hats? ( even if it was pink)
try one of my hoodies on?
try a pair of my underwear on?
what about PJ bottoms?
let me paint your nails?
have a pillow fight in the middle of the night?
let me wax/tweeze your eyebrows?
let me pick at your leg/arm pit hair?
allow me to put make up on your face?
get me towels once im in the shower? ( I'd ask nicely)
let me borrow one of your hoodies if I forgot mine?
let me borrow a pair of shorts or a T-shirt of yours for gym class?
allow me to drive your car?
take stuff to my locker or let me put stuff in your locker?
let me wear one of your necklaces?
let me wear one of your hats?
share your food with me?
let me sleep on your bed/couch while you slept on the floor?
pull the chair out for me when we sit down to eat?
carry my picture in your wallet?
put my picture in your locker?
show me off to all of your friends?
carry me when im too tired to walk?
let me use your chapstick if I forgot my lip gloss?
hold me when im scared?
wipe my tears away when I cry?
walk holding my hand?
stand in a line for hours with me so I wouldn't be lonely?
stand up for me?
let me sit on your lap?
let me use your lap as a pillow?
rub my head till I fall asleep?
dance with me in the rain?
go to a concert with me even if you didn't like the band?
pull the car closer so I dont have to walk through the rain?
go for a walk with me in the snow?
kiss me on the tip of the nose?
* leaves you the cutest little emails even if it just says hello sweety
* calls you atleast once or twice a month just so you can hear his voice and the special " I love you"
doesnt think about being with other girls from his area ( thats cheating!)
* never meets other online girls before meeting you ( think guys!)
* finds everyway possible to get to you even if it never happens
* sends letters through the mail or little ecards with the sweetest little messages on them
* if he has messengers or online profiles he makes sure your name is in there or that's all it's about
( come on guys show some love)
*he SHOULDN'T hug other girls or kiss them since he can't hug or kiss you ( geez guys! )
Girl Comebacks

Guy * Hey baby what;s your sign?
Girl* do not enter

Guy* I would go to the other end of the world for you
Girl* yeah but will you stay there?

Guy* is this seat empty?
Girl* yea and so will this one if you sit there

Guy* if i saw you naked i would die happy
Girl* if i saw you naked i would die laughing

Guy* i would do anything for you
Girl* ok lets start with you account number

Guy* shal we go to your place or mine?
Girl* how about you go to your place and I'll go to mine

Guy* hey what do you do for a living?
Girl* i am a female impersonater
Teenage Girls *

* boyfriends are a big priority!
* friends are more important then family
* takes hours to get ready even to go to the stupidest place, because you think you'll see somebody you know
* you sneak out to meet a friend of a guy
* you become irritated over little things (PMS)
* whine about guys to everyone
* you are embarassed to go to the mall with your parents
I wanted to say i love you and im not afraid
GiRL: do you really love me?
BOY: of course I do.
GiRl: I wanna hear you say it.
BOY: i don't have to.
GiRL: why?
BOY: because
GiRL: I just want to hear you say it in words.
BOY: i can't.
The girl started crying softly and said...
..The two continued to walk in silence. They reached the girls home ..
BOY: do you really wanna know?
GiRL: (hesitantly) ... yes
He hugged her gently, and kissed the tip of her nose, and whispered in her ears, and said,
"Because three words are not enough