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  Baby, don't let no one get you down ; keep your chin up & keep smileing. (:

             Heeeeey theree ; Im Staceey ; Im 13 turning 14 , attending Forest Lake High ;  (:

My best frieeend would be ;; Emmaaa  :3 she is freaaaaaking amazing ! Shes always there for me when I need someone, to talk to. :)
Witty is one of my most used sites along with facebook (: Music is amazing too :)
I love my best friends so much;
& all you girls & guys of witty ; yous are amazing & make hella good quotes (:
I also L O V E Justin Bieber (: Oh & Christopher Drew :3 


   justin bieber Pictures, Images and Photos       Justin Bieber <3                          


christopher drew ingle Pictures, Images and Photos  Christopher Drew <3Christopher Drew Ingle! Pictures, Images and PhotosIs sexy (; 

Quotes by StaceeyAnn

No matter how you feel, dress up, and never give up. - unknown.
When you realise you haven't used witty since you were 14 years of age. Oh how time flies, and how much you have changed (some ways more than others) within a span of six years.
I've actually forgotten how to use witty.. Who still uses this? :3 
You're cute, so no wonder why I keep running back. 

I love it when you come up to me and give me a b i g hug :) hehe

 Of course 
I'm inlove with

As I said, "maybe another time would be too late" you replied with "maybe but we will have take that chance" guess who was right.. I was.. Guess who I wish was wrong, I wish I was wrong.. I wish we didn't have to take that chance.. /: 


You crushed me like a tone of bricks  ;
When you hurt me it's like I get a steak driven through my chest.


i love you like a love you like a love song baby, and I keep hitting repeat.