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I really want to meet Cat's brother on Victorious.

If you ever feel

just remember,

the girl that rejected Liam Payne

22 times


you sit on the floor 

for too long and your butt

goes numb.


To the girls who are telling me revenge won't do anything.
a 6 months relationship of LIES.
He told me I was the only one for him and that I was all this crap.
Then, he goes and RUINS MY LIFE.
I almost KILLED myself because of everything he said to me.
I get over him, I get a new relationship.
Its a continious thing with him.
He won't stop till I'm fully broken.
So, I'm going to break him.
You guys can go asked this witty user;
timraandnicole ;
how bad he hurt me & she'll tell you.


Every day I randomly have
a new song stuck in my head.


Today my friend and I decided to go to Six Flags.

Last week when we went there, we saw One Direction.
Anyway, we were in line for Tastu when the girl in front of us in line said
"I made my parents drive me 5 hours to go on this ride just because One Direction rode it."
I turned to my friend and said, very loudly, "Hey remember when we saw One Direction here last week?"
The girl in front of us turned around so fast and started asking us about it.
My friend pulled out here phone, changed my name in it to Harry Styles, and told the girl that she got Harry's number.
The girl believed it.
She's still texting me completely convinced I'm Harry Styles.

True story.


"Live your dream
& never wake up."

- Liam Payne ♥


format credit to OneDirection

&Even though it hurts me
I will never give up on you

Shortest scary story ever: The last man on Earth sat in the corner of an empty room, there was a knock at the door.....

I've been sick all day.
Well, for 3 months almost. I just didn't know.
Today, it was worse.
I googled my symptoms & it led me to a website for colon cancer symptoms.
I had them all.
I'm so scared rn , I can't breathe.
You guys, please. pray for me.
I need it tn.
This is the cancer my dad had.
It runs in my family. :(