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I'm sure if One Direction

found witty they'd be really creeped out

The Seven Basic Relationships


   1) The "I like him, he like's her" relationship.  When the person you love is in    

        love with someone else.

   2) The "Everyone knows; Except them" relationship.  When two people act

        like they're togethor.  Even though they don't admit it, they still show it.

   3) The "Love/ Hate" relationship.  When two people fight or argue to make

        other people believe they don't have feelings for each other.

   4) The "Friend Zone" relationship.  When the person you love only sees

        you as a close friend.

   5) The "Just Kidding" relationship.  When two people keep breaking up     

        and getting back togethor.

   6) The "Betrayed" relationship.  When he turns out to be everything you

        thought he wasn't.

   7) The "If You're Lucky" relationship.  When the person you fall in love with   

        falls in love with you.


Comment ones you think I missed!!





Used to think duct tape was called Duck tape?


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Here's to the Directioners who
Don't favor a member of One Direction more
Than the others, but have that one member
Who stole their heart.


This quote does not exist.

To tell you the truth
I don't have much to offer.
But I'll still give you everything I've got,
even if it's barely anything at all.
I'll give you late thoughts, long hugs,
someone to talk to, someone to care for,
someone who will always be there ,
a hand to hold, and somebody to lean on.
And if that's not enough,
just know you have all of me.
I hope that's enough...


Feeling beast wheyou sing

a fast verse from a song successfully.

Niall Horan? How do I even begin to explain Niall Horan? 

Liam: : When he met Justin Bieber, I had to escort him out so he could scream.
Harry: He started crying when he saw the fake picture of him smoking
Louis: He sat on the floor for hours trying to put M&M's in alphabetical order
Girls of the world: He's the most beautiful person I've ever seen
Zayn: One time I ate the last chip so he tried eating my hand...
It was awesome


My hair tie wont go around my hair 3 times

but it's too loose when it's only wrapped twice

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