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Quotes by Starburst28147

8th grade is coming to an end.
I didn't think I'd care so much, I didn't think anyone would care so much
These people, are like family
They've been in our lives for 9 years--> K to 8
You want to K.I.T with them, but deep down, you know you won't
It's like everything is changing...for the better...or worse, no one ever knows
All I know is I had the best years of my life here, but it's time to move on
Change is sad, but can lead to such good things
High school will be great, but I'll never forget the faces that helped me
if you'd open your pretty little eyes for two seconds,
you'd see that i don't really care what you think.


The struggles I'm facin'
The chances I'm taken' --
Sometimes might knock me down but,
No I'm not breakin'

 Sometimes good things fall apart,
So better things can fall together

sometimes you just have to realize that you can't have it all.
you can't fix what you've done. you need to move on & try to be
happy. even if its the hardest thing you'll ever have to do</3


^i'm just storing this somewhere; its my AIM profile & i reallly like it, all the quotes r from witty, so sry if u think im stealing; cuz im not-im just storing this ... favortie it tho [= .. i luv seeing a lotta #'s nxt 2 the lil' red heart

The struggles I'm facin'
The chances I'm taken' --
Sometimes might knock me down but,
No I'm not breakin'

My faith is shaken'
but I;
I gotta keep tryin'
gotta keep my head held high

I can almost see it
that [[dream]] I'm dreamin' , but
theres a voice inside my head
sayin' you'll never reach it


^^EXACTLY how i feel about my dream :'[
You just have to LIVE YOU LIFE
not caring what they think
and shake off the drama
and prove to them that
your better
then they think you are
&- when you trip i'll laugh, and when you
run into walls, i'll laugh even harder ;;
but when you cry .. you will always have
my shoulder to cry on, because that's what
                       BEST FRiiENDS do <3     

^^^ not all credit
Confession #11
Most of the time; I just put random answers on my math homework-
beacuse my teacher NEVER checks
Confession #4
Sometimes, I just wanna be sad;
and wait & see who really does care
So thank you for showing me,
That 'best friends' cannot be trusted.
And thank you for lying to me.
Your 'friendship' and good times we had,
You can have them back