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Quotes by StardollsBA

Love is handing someone
a gun,

and letting it point to your head..
iveing that he won't  pull the trig!

-SpongeBob SquarePants

Baby gurl.. your beautiful his just Blind

Not My Format*

I Love when;
Spongebob is never upset and you think and just say "I Wish i was you,And
Didn't have to go to pain with him." x.


Im Just A Ugly..
So Just Past This ugly quote..



Look --->

* * * * * * *** 
Hello there, my dear fans.

My name's pretty obvious. So I won't repeat.
I am currently 16 years old. March 31st is the day.
I'm quite tall, and very skinny. People've told me many
times that I should become a model. But to be honest, I am
not the kinda person to stand everyday in front of a camera.
My favourite things to do are drawing and writing. I'm planning
on publishing on of my current stories;; 'Your Love Is My Drug'.
The other one I'm not really sure about. So it's a maybe. LOL.
My favourite colours are yellow and electric blue. Bright, I know.
I love music. The people I listen to most are FlyLeaf, ATL, NSN,
Lady GaGa, Paramore and The Fray. Obviously there are more.
I do not accept friend request; no matter how hard you try.
I will not join your clubs, follow your blogs or whatever.
I don't want a makeover either. Is my doll that ugly?
But I DO accept GuestBook comments. Nice ones.

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You Forgot.. Everything,
We Done.

Made by; Sexy girls = Chloe And Nemii(;

Only Ninja's Can See this!
Wow,Your A Ninja!,Fave this now or The Real Ninja will come with there black belts!