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Hey, its Anna May. So here's some things you should know
I'm a crazy spontaneous person
I will listen to anyone about anything and try to help so if you need anything I'm always here for you I promise
I love volleyball, hunting reading and being outside
My best friends are Allison, Amelia, Nicole, and Colt. Love you guys!
Not taken but not single No idea where we're going
Thank you to all my beautiful followers!
And so yeah I guess that's me so there you go

You might be wondering why I'm here.
To help anyone in anyway I can.
My life is pretty f/cked up so yeah I've been through alot.
Bullying, loss, depression, heartbreak, more stuff that I really don't wanna say.
I hate bullying. At one point it got so bad I considered suicide.
My mom has actually asked me if I'm mentally ill.
I used to cut but stopped even though it was hard.
It's been almost a year and the scars are starting to fade.
Life is starting to look up a little.
I'm still beyond broken, my life is still falling apart
But things are better than they have been.
I'm not okay yet but for the first time in a while I could smile
For real not fake
My point is life does get better
Everything's not perfect now
And it never will be
But the storm eventually ends.
It hasn't ended for me yet either but I know it does
I just wanted you to know
That no matter what
You are beautiful.

The worst storms
Make the brightest rainbows



Quotes by StayStrongLiveLong

HHe pulled me in as his breath sent shivers down my neck.
He put his lips to my ear and

blew into it and laughed maniacally as I
stumbled backwards.
He kissed me on the forehead
as I stood confused and lost
and ran out the door.
And that,
ladies and gentlemen,
 is my relationship
in 2 sentences.

"What do you think of me
when you're all alone
and all you have
is your thoughts?
Does your heart
ache for me
or am I,
resting amongst
the dreams and events
that have not yet occurred,
that you think of only briefly
while pondering the future?
Do you ever feel as though
you need me there
more than anything else,
or am I slipping from
your ever changing


We were all sitting in science
learning about adaptations,
and how clownfish turn into females
and I heard a horrified gasp
as my partner came to the shocking realization
that Marlin was really a woman.

"If people don't think you're cute just kill them."
*breathes heavily with gun in hand as I watch one of the last humans on earth hits the ground*
Day 19:
It's just me and grandma now.
By default I am now
the most attractive human on this planet.


Tonight I'm going to run through the field with a red light.
I am going to trip and hit my face
I am going to break something on my body
Wildlife will see me as a threat and chase me
I will get severely injured
But this is the price you have to pay
to be Rudolph

*tries to cook*
*world bursts into flames*


That one friend that takes your joke
and tell the class while you sit and watch as they
become the God of Comedy
using your comedic genius.
[mentally unfollows and blocks from life]


When I was little...

I wanted to be a dolphin tamer so I could get
free dolphin rides and train them to do WHATEVER I wanted them to do.
I could've started a Sea World uprising.

Me reading a sad part of my book in class: [stares blankly at page, stifles tears, and looks around to make sure no one sees my secret obsession]
At home: [stares at book, throws it across the room, falls off bed, dramatically sobs into floor, dies]

"What if you saw me
stripped of my mask,
only covered in words and skin,
words of thoughts,
thoughts of you,
you and the broken pieces
that stab at my mind.
And silver tears stain my face
as you take all of me
the raw truth of me in.
Would you still see me
as beautiful
even with these battle scars?
Would you still
love me
at my most
vulnerable state?"