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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow �
hi guys! I'm Amelia, but you can call me liylaa..I'm 14 and straight.  I'm in love with soccer<33 I run cross country, track, and in the winter I snowboard.(: I blow out the candles on February 15[:

  I would be glad to help anyone who needs any(:

if you follow me, ill make sure to follow you back
♥  I promisee!(:
if I dont, tell me so I can[:


heyy strangers(:

Quotes by StayWonderful

& I like peope with big butts

Because they can not lie♥

& I miss

when I could push someone into the water without worrying about thier phone♥

You said you were sorry

& through my tears I wanted to scream that you aren't♥

now you're
  just someone
that I used to know
  t I used to know
I used to

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&&Ke$ha's deffinitely got some problems
if she wakes up in the morning feeling like a black man..

     10 Facts About You;
   1. You're reading this.
  2. You're realizing that's a stupid fact.
  4. You didn't notice I skipped three.
  5. You're checking now.
  6. You're smiling.
  7. You're still reading my text
  9. You didn't realize I skipped eight.
  10. You're ckecking and smiling because you fell for it   again.
  11. You are enjoying this.
  12. You didn't realize there's only supposed to be ten facts.

*looking at a sunburned person*

Hey i just met you, and this is crazy

but here's some sunscreen
so use it maybe.
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the next new format obsession

Know ing One Direction
by their left

Pinkey-toe nail

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when your
ts dont know you know
all the little perverted jokes in kids shows