Status: Baby, I'm yours. (:
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Hey guys, I'm Gabby.
I've had a Witty account since I was 13.
I'm 18
I had originally made this so I could post things that I didn't want anyone to know.
But then I realized it was pointless, because I was hiding who I am.
I'm here for any of you.
I don't care if I've never talked to you before in my life,
I'm always here.
My kik, twitter and instagram is; Gabbyyy1208.
More about me?
My favorite color is purple.
I love music, and poetry.
I love writing.
I've been in love 3 times.
I feel the 4th time coming though.
I'm super outgoing.
But I've been through a lot.
I'm so scared to be graduating this year. 
My best friend is Samm
Hers is justasecretaccount.

Another super awesome person is Chris. 
His is immyownmuse.
He's a sweetheart (:
So yeah, that's all I got for now (;



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This is my best friend.
She's the greatest best friend anyone could ask for.
She's Samm ♥