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Quotes by StephanieCollado

Nothing changes if nothing changes
"If I had to describe how Harry Styles smells,
it would probably say...
sunshine and rainbows."
-Tyler Oakley
Fear is only temporary.
Regret lasts forever.
On a cruise this past week I met a cute guy.
On the last day he grabbed my hand...

Him: I lied to you before when I said my patronus was a penguin.
Me: What is it?
Him: My real patronus

is you

If that is not the cutest thing ever, I dont know what is.
Did anyone notice that the hand/curser thing is an 'L'?
Its like saying 'If you notice this, then you're a loser and have no friends'
I love how it says
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But when I click it, the first thing I see is
'He's forgotten me'
'He'll never recognize me'
and im just like
Worst sound in the world?
When the laptop makes that *ding* when its at 12%
People who walk while on an escalator
Over achievers
Belibers motto: We never say never
Directioners motto: Sleep is for the weak!!!
Dude: Hey, are you single?
Me: No, i'm plural.
Dude: No, like, are you free this weekend?
Me: No. I'm expensive