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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my page. My name is Stephanie and yes, it's true, I love Shira. (she is sockmonkey317, check her out). Anyways, about myself, I love singing, acting and dancing like a fool, I couldn't give a flying fudger who sees.
Haiii guuiss, it's Shira. (sockmonkey317)
So let me tell you a little bit about this girl ^
~She is AHHMAZZINNGG at everything.
~She is gorgeous with her big blue eyes.
~She is funny with her insane sense of humor.
~She is kind with her warm heart.
~And she loves making friends with her
hard-to-not-love personality.
Please, hit her up, you'll be glad you did.
I love you Steph!! ♥
I'm new, please help!

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Hii Witty.
This is Shira - sockmonkey317
I made an account for my best friend Stephanie.
Someone wanna comment her up and get her addicted?
She has no idea how to use Witty.
She's adorable and I love her

Bye now:)

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