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Now a days it just feels like all the chapters in life are just flying by.
As fast as the new one starts, it's ending even quicker.

Childhood came and gone,
Teen years were gone within a blink of an eye.
My first love, starting to drive.
First job, graduating highschool.
Starting college and then graduating that too.

I wish there was a button where I could stop and just pause the moments i want to hold onto forever.
Hit the rewind button to be with the people that aren't here anymore.

They always told me that time just flies as you get older, but i never wanted to believe it.
I never thought i'd be so hard without you here.
The holidays just aren't the same anymore, nobody can tell stories the way you could.

It's been 8 months and I still cry as though it was just yesterday.
wasn't ready to say goodbye then and i'm still not to this day

You would've been so proud of me today,
but I know you're sitting up there smiling down at me everyday.
Fall will forever be my favorite season.
The beautiful colors of the leaves up in the trees waiting to fall to the ground.
he carved pumpkins lit up at night.
The smell of crisp apples and cinnamon filling the air of the house.
Cold nights and football games.

Passing out candy to the little ones who race around the neighborhood
trying to see who can get the most candy by the end of the night.

Fall is just so peaceful and quiet
and full of just so many beautiful colors and memories
You visited me in my dreams lastnight
I didn't want to wake up because it was so nice to hear your voice again.
But I knew it was too good to be true, because I woke up and you weren't beside me anymore
How do I fix this brokeness I feel inside of me all the time?
How do I make it all go away?
How do can I make myself a better person..
Take me back to the night we met
This is Halloween
She's walking around feeling nothing
So numb that not even the rain falling effects her.
Praying that one day the sun will shine again and this cloud hanging over her shoulders will go away soon.
Wishing someone would reach out and help her feel again.
The sadness holding on so tight that the only place she feels safe is in her own bed.
I didn't always use to be this cold
but in a world full of hate and despair my heart just couldn't take it anymore

A beautiful soul
ruined by this
cruel cold world