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yesterday...bring back yesterday.

I wish someone would look at me

and notice the bloodshot
eyes by the tears that fall at night
I wish someone would look at me
and realize the bruises on my thighs
I wish someone would look at me
and sympathize on how pale I've become
I wish someone would look at me
and see that I'm so numb 
I wish someone would just look at me
that would say everything I need
so I wouldn't bleed. 
I miss your fingertips running through my hair in the middle of the night. 
I miss you waking up because I can't sleep, to pull me in close. 
I miss when you noticed all the little things. 
I miss midnight conversations, and playing around on the floor. 
I miss your voice and the comfort it brings me when you say "it's going to be alright"
Goodbye, Witty.
Witty has been so good to me, but it is my time to say goodbye. I made my first account on here on October 30, 2011; I was 11, I'm 18 now. I grew up with this website. If you travelled through all of my accounts, first to last, you'd see the journey I took to become who I am today. This website has shaped me in the most unbelievable way. Most of my witty friends have left, except for a few, like Bailey, and Allison who checks in once in a while. I don't have any time in my life to keep up with the top quotes or even to just 
check this website. Thank you, Steve, and everyone who I've ever talked to on here. See ya, witty.
Call me crazy. Call the universe cruel.
Call my mother on the phone, with
an apology she’ll never believe. Call
me soulmate, I never believed in them
anyway. Call to ask how I’m doing.
Call for all of your kitchen dances
and hazey car kisses back. Call
my name in your sleep, call it when
you unravel.

The way you clutch me 
close within your grip
and rest your heaatop mine

The way you trame 
and make surwon't leave 
by throwing youleovemy bod
pulling mifirmly
The way I get up earlier than you 
and try to quietly craw

ouobenotwake you, 
yet you stilwake and 
find myself being pulled by you
right back intbed, 
into your 
tight clutch once again. 
yowakup and look at how I'fulldressed, and still you open youarmwide beckoninfome 
to  come  lay  with  you.

When you've given up
When no matter what you do
its never good enough
when you never thought
it could ever get this tough
thats when you feel my kind of love
when you're crying out
when you've fallen and can't 
pick your happy off the ground
when the friends you thought you had
haven't stuck around
thats when you feel
my kind of love

You ask my why all of my writing sounds
sad, but you don't understand the way it
manifests. The way my words are strung
fairy lights, in an empty house at
midnight, trying to make all of the dark
edges beautiful again.
my therapist is the best but it sucks that i get to know that