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Hey guys, I'm Stevie Jean. ;)
I live in Australia and in highschool. I love meeting new people.
My dream is to become an actress, I love to sing and dance and acationally I write songs. <3
'I believe anyone can be whatever they want to be in life, Whether it might be with  boy or a girl
you have your own right, don't let other people forse you to do things you don't wonna do!

I'm a nice person that doesn't take things to seriously. I can't wait to meet all you wittians, i love witty- it is a glorious place to express your feelings
xXSmileLikeABossXx - She's me biffle in real life.

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Quotes by famous people.

' Music isn't for the eyes, it's for the ears' - Adele

' As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.' - Andy Warhol

' Nothing is impossible, the word itself says (im)possible.' - Audrey Hepburn

' Some people feel the rain, other just get wet.' Bob Marley


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Quotes by Stevie_Jean

OMG- why did ryan have to leave big brother, ryan?
Benjamin throw liquid in bradleys face, so why did they kill ryan out of the show?
if you voted for gorgous ryan then i hate you? ya know ryan and estelle had something!


p.s- it was one person who voted him to leave, benjamin should have gone!
Hey wittians!

i wonna suprise my cousin ahill1- can you guys go to her profile and fav all her quotes!
you can unfav them if you wan't but they will still come up on her notifications!
please- i wan't her to get alot of notifications!
and who else hates this song

look down---
from the river of balvilon
where we sat down
gay gay gay gay
something something something!


 Never Doubt yourself,
Every second of the day is lucky, where ever you are... when ever your down... your still alive on this great earth 

 *_*The Queen*_*

OK- task for everyone............
put a really pretty picture using words or format!
i wonna see creativity people!!!
you like never see pretty pictures
do like a pretty flower or something- ill fav yours if i think you past the test
thanx all!
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Hi! I'm on my period

Can I punch you?

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What is a song i could sing to get over somebody i loed alot?
You ever lost someone and needed that song to make you feel better