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Confusing Love

 After the sunset we started talking and it wasted a  lot of the time we had left.  Normally I would have been  extremely tired since I got up  before five in the morning,  but I was actually wide awake.  i find that  hard to  believe.  My phone buzzed 5  times which meant it was time for school already. ''Man  that  went by quick!''  I said as I got up  and brushed off my jeans.  ''Need a ride?''
''Actually,  i do.''  i said while smiling. He  lead me to  his car on the other side of the park  and I got in. In just a few short minutes I was at school ''Thanks for the ride.''  i said as I walked off to  my locker. Josh stood there.  'Oh crap' I thought.  ''Where were you a half an  hour ago?'' He asked in a curious voice. ''With Matt.'' i lied.
''I asked him if  he knew where you were or have seen  you and he said no'' And..busted. ''Mandy,  why are you lying to  me? whats up  with you?''
''Look,  i don't have to  tell  you EVERYTHING  of my life.'' I yelled as i started storming off to  class. What is up  with me,  more like what  is up  with him. i had a tight feeling in my stomach  that  this fight was over yet

Another fight in the next chapter but with someone else and plus continued part of this fight in the chapter after!
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Confusing Love

Matt did not seem happy when  i told him about my day.  how I finally figured out that  i don't love Josh,  how i met  Chase, and that Chase was the reason it toke me so  long to  return  home.  Matt was pretty shooken  up by the new information that  i told him.  ''So  is this Chase guy like your new best friend?'' If that  was  all  Matt could come up  to  ask  me then  i am pretty dissapointed.  ''No,  of course not!''  deep  down  i think  he just wants to  know that  at least one person doesn't care if he is gay or not.We were silent for a while as we started on our homework. I thought about how I should probably reply to  josh's texct message but I just didn't feel  like it.  I  just don't want to  hurt any  of his feelings yet.  He really is sweet. I still  don't know how I am  going to  break  it to  him.
*a week  later*
me and Chase met up  at the park  to  watch the sun rise. We know it is really early in the morning and we have school in a few hours but we just thought it would be cool to  do  this.  ''Can you see the sun set good from the south side?'' This is one of those things we have in common, sunsets. ''Oh real  good.'' he said.  ''It looks so  perfect.''  i said when  the sun rose up.

This chapter is a little dull  but the next one comes a big fight, find out why later.  {:
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Confusing Love

Everytime I try to  tell my best friend about how I am  not into  Josh anymore, they  have to  leave for some odd reason.  Matt,  my best friend, thinks that  me and Josh should have been done a long time ago.  When  i first told Matt about me and Josh he totally flipped out. Not like he would have any feelings for me because,  well..Matt's gay. He is a guy friend anyways.  School went by  slowly today  and all  i thought about was the guy I bumped into on accident.  i have never seen him around school before,  maybe he is new. I never got his name though.  i wish I did. He was real  good-looking,  too  bad he looked like he was a senior.  Josh was in the same class as me this period and I could feel  his eyes burning ito  my skin.  How do I tell  Josh about this?  How do  i tell  him I am  not into him anymore?  Wait a minute,  who  said i had to tell him anything. 
When  I  get bored in class things like ttexting happens:
Mandy: how long will  it take u 2 get  2 my house from marta's?
*5 minutes later*
Matt:bout 15 mins. y?
Mandy:  just come,k?
Now the tricky part, figuring out how to  make the day go  by faster,  how in the world is that  supposed to  happen?I managed to  get it to  work  by  thinking about the guy I bumped into  earlier. I wish I could see him again today.
*ring ring*  and there is the bell. I guess that  wasn't so  hard. I threw my backpack  over my shoulder and headed out. i heard a fairly familar voice when  i stepped out the school doors. ''Hey it's you again''  he said. I just slightly nooded. ''Hey before I forget,  what's your name?'' 
''Mandy,  and you?''
''Chase''  He said while smiling. ''Well  it's nice to  meet you Chase'' I said, smiling back  at him.  how can  one person be so  good-looking? ''Pleasure's all  mine.''

Met a new guy? Yay! Haha
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Confusing Love

''Aren't you done yet?'' Josh questioned as if he didn't already know the  answer.  Josh is my boyfriend, has been  for four months now.  ''No...'' It was the middle of the school year and Josh wanted to  start taking me to  school.  Something I did not look forward to  at all.  i can  hardly make conversation with the boy,  how am  I going to  stay in a car for twenty minutes and talk.  I couldn't just be silent because that  was over the top  rude. I have tried all  excuses possible but he worked around them.  Josh is sweet,  really sweet ,  but sometimes I  think  i just need more then  sweet.  He just doesn't give me butterflies in my stomach any more. He doesn't have that  spark  to  him no more.  I miss that.  Before we could do  anything together and we would laugh it out later.  He was like a bestfriend and a boyfriend before but now he is just not the same.  It gets me wodering,  do I honestly love Josh?I haven't been  able to  answer that  for a month or so.When  we got to  school I  tried to  dash for my locker but he tried to  kiss me instead.  I dodged the kiss and went down  the hall.  ''don't follow me,  don't...'' I said to  myself.  Of course,  he followed me. '' Babe,  something wrong?'' I wish he would stop  calling me ''babe''  if that  is all  he can  think to  call me then i might as well die.  Why not ''Hey,  beautiful'' or something? ''  Oh, no , nothing wrong''  I said quickly and walked off. I bumped into  someone in front me as I dashed off.

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Confusing Love
Life does not always work out for Mandy Katopolis,  or as she is known to be Mandy Kat. Let's just say from a distance, Mandy is one of those shy people who  only expresses herself to  very close friends. She dreams big of her future.  She is always busy with her boyfriend who  she doesn't even  know if she is in love with yet.  She may have said the words ''I love you''  so  many times to  him but she isn't sure if she means it. Maybe she is still  on the hunt for the right one at 17,  that is perfectly normal. What  is not normal  is falling for some guy she just met. Let's see how far she can  go  with dating someone she doesn't love but falling for a stranger at the same time.