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hi. this is just a story account so just read the stories. i
love getting feed back so if you like/hate them tell me! i
may need some ideas sometimes so just help me out.
i'm not the best writer in the world or on witty so i'm going
to need advice. i don't want you to follow, i just want you to
read them. thanks if you ACTUALLY do. okay. bye. ♥

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2nddegreeTKDMickayla99 1 decade ago
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Hahahahaha, I don't mind those comments at all! Your story is really good(:
VictoriaRose88 1 decade ago
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Hey girly I, it would be me pleasure to read your story I don't mind those kinda comment's especially if their from people as nice as you!(:
Keep up the good work sweetie, your story's are good!
XoXoStayBeautiful. ♥
StoriesByMe_ 1 decade ago
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