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I'm Riley Lynn. i'm fourteen years young. One of my passions is writing. My quote account that i've had since last year is Rileylovesyoou. You can check that out. i'll be using this account to write stories on. i'd love to get feedback and comments and faves. i'll take into consideration anything that you think i should put into my stories. Thanks.


My other account is Rileylovesyoou. there i make quotes, and i have had that account since 2010. it's my main account and you can talk to me and contact me there too.

Stories_By_Riley's Favorite Quotes

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I this  world whe nothing  else  is  true..

                                                                                                        i'm still tangled up in you.  ♥



These secrets are eating me alive.


making friends is easy;;
keeping them is the hard part.♥

i'm gonna marry him;

one of these days. ♥

 i don't regret my past.
and i never will.

Nothing ithis lifis perfect;
But you're about as close as it gets.♥

i know i'm still young,
But i know how i feel.
i might not have too much experience,
But i know when love is real


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i really need you in my life

Cause things ain't right. ♥