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This is my story account. I hope to have a lot of fun with it.   I am a good writer.  I kind wanna show you what I can do.  So when I get my new story up you should read it:) 
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Hi.   This is my story account.  Check out my main. Iwantthisforever.

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Regrets, Lies,  and drama
*Chapter 2*

We finally got to the new house. It was big, my bedroom was huge with it's own bathroom and huge closet, but that wasn't going to convince me.  My mom got me all new furniture.  I was still angry, but i had to thank her for that. I hugged her and explained how hard it was going to be to adapt to a whole new climate.  I didn't know if I was going to have friends.  Mom told me to try my best to adjust, i made that promise.  

.......1 week into Michigan.......

I have been here for about a week now, and have called my best friend Morgan everyday since. We cried together, and made a promise we were going to see eachother next month. I was paying for her plane ticket.  I told her that i have to go to school tomorrow. It would be my first day....

.........The next day....... 
"Honey, wake up, it's your first day of school," Yelled mom. 
"Grrr. Umm. Okay"  I yelled. 
I was really nervous. I didn't know what to do, at all. I just went through my regular morning routine. I just tried to well...... Look better than usual? I guess that how I could explain it. I actually tried. 

I had about an hour before I had to get on the bus. I never rode on the bus before, that was going to be really weird for me.  My mother and I talked before I had to get on the bus. I wasn't in too much of a hurry considering my bus stop is right outside my house.  Since I had extra time, I called Morgan. We talked untill my bus arrived. I got on my bus nervously, but anxious at the same time. There was this girl at my bus stop, one of the "popular" girls Anna. She walked up to this one girl Autumn. She said some really rude stuff to her.  Then she walked up to me and said to stay away from her and I'd be "cool". She said that if I talked to her EVERYONE would avoid me, including her. 

So i got into the school. Everyone was staring at me, they thought that it was wierd that I was already in Anna's clique.  We had a few minutes before the bell rang to get to class. 

"So, Aubrey, Where you from?" Asked Anna. 
"California" I replied
"Hmmm, So we have a CA girl on our hands?"  She asked another question
"Yeah, I geuss." I said
"Well anyway, yeah you really wanna stay away from Autumn, she's a real freak." Said Anna.
"Umm. Okay," I replied. 

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Regrets, Lies,  and drama
*Chapter 1*  

Hi. I'm Aubrey. I'm the average 15 year old, with a life. I didn't say it was always good though.  I have to move, halfway across the country. I have to leave my bestfriend, But this is only where it begins. 

"Aubrey, Wake up! Today's the day" Yelled mom. 
"I don't want to go mom, You're making me leave my bestfriend." , I said. 
"Honey, you know your father just got Amazing job offer in Michigan. We can't miss out on something like this."  mom said. 
"Whatever, and mom, he's not my father. He's your new husband, you left dad." I replied. 

I started to pack my stuff.  I carefully pack the pictures of me and dad from when I was seven.  A tear went down my cheek faster than i realized. My cell phone was sitting right next to me, I picked it up and called my real dad. 

*Phone ringing* 
"Hi daddy, i miss you a lot" I said.
"I miss you too, I'm sorry that we can't see eachother right now." said dad
"I am too, When will we be able to see eachother?" 
"I am not really sure Aubrey. As soon as possible. So how's the big move going?" 
"Terrible, I don't know if I can do it. I'm scared" I replied nervously. 
"Well babygirl, just stay strong for me. I have to get off the phone now, I'll call you again when possible. I love you" Said dad. 
"I love you" I replied. 

I continued to pack my stuff. The moving truck was finally here. We got all of our stuff loaded on.  Rick , who was way too young for my mom drove it. Me and mom just drove in the SUV.   I sat in the back, shoved my headphones in my ears, put a snuggie on and just sat there trying to forget all the troubles the world is giving me. 

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