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Hey there! My name's Morgan. I'm almost fifteen. Yay, one year closer to my license! Any story i write comes from my imagination cause none of this is going to actually happen...well maybe in my dreams :) Anyways if you're reading my stuff thanks you so very much and i love you :)
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Lovely Lily Chapter Number

Luke slid down the wall of the cave and sat down. He pulled his knees up to his chest and put his head in his hands. Lily kneeled down next to him. She could see that he was trembling. "Luke..." she started. "I-I dont know what happened Lily! I have never been more scared of losing someone in my whole life and I barely know you!" Luke said as he looked up at Lily. "I know Luke, I was afraid of losing you too," Lily responded and as she said those words she realized they were completely true. "Luke?" Lily asked then. Luke nodded as if to answer her. "Th-thank you. You risked your life by helping me." She then leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Luke looked at her pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her right on the lips. It wasnt rough or rushed like Brian's kisses had been. Luke's kiss was long and gentle and left her lips tingleing and wanting more. She kept looking at his lips and I guess he noticed too because he gave her another, slightly longer, kiss and she kissed him back. She kissed him and it felt like it was her first kiss that she'd ever had.

Thank you for making my day, my loverly readers! Sorry its so short but i have to get some work done outside of my witty life :( ill write more soon i promise!




Lovely Lily Chapter Number

Lily wasn't sure why but she trusted Luke more than she's trusted anybody in her whole life. She moved closer to Luke and leaned in to kiss him. Luke leaned in too and then all chaos broke loose. They heard the screech of tires as they broke their gazes away from each other and towards the roads. There was yelling and the distinct smell of gasoline. Luke stood up and before Lily could say or do anything her put his hand on her wrist and pulled her up. He started running away from the noises and Lily stuggled to keep up with him. He looked at Lily and then swiftly reached down and picked her up so one of his arms was under her legs and the other was under her back. She didnt know what was happening. He was still running and they finally made it to the end of the beach. He put her down and said "Lily, we have to hide somewhere." Lily looked skeptical "Luke, what are you..." "We have to hide NOW!" Luke cut her off. Lily grabbed his hand and brought him to a cave her dad used to bring her to when she was little, before he left Lily and her mom to live with Fiona. Lily hesitated before pulling Luke inside but she did it just in time. Luke pulled her into his arms and held her tight. BOOOOOOOOMMM!!! Lily screamed but she couldnt hear even her own voice over the noise that filled the cave. She dug her finger into Luke's arms and burried her face in his chest. Luke had his eyes closed and still held Lily as she cried. The noise echoed in the cave but it was only a whisper of a noise now. "W-w-what happened? How did you...know that was going to happen?" Lily asked Luke when she finally got a hold on the situation. "The tire screech we heard, was a car. I smelt the gasoline and I-I just, well I ran." Luke seemed to be telling himself more than Lily. He stared down at the ground in disbelief as if he too had no idea what just took place.

sorry i havent written in a while! i've been extremely busy with other stuff. Thanks to all of you that actually read and like my story I appreciate it. oh, and sorry about the format change i just thought it would attract more readers :)


 ♥ Lovely Lily 
Lily started to cry. She couldnt control herself. She just started weeping. She could feel Luke's warm arms wrap around her and lead her towards the blanket. "Shh, its ok, Love, everything will be ok." Luke tried to soothe her the best he could, she could tell he was really trying. Why is he being so god-damn nice to me? I'm a mess, and i owe him money! She thought. She wiped her eyes and tried to smooth back her messy hair. "I-I'm so sorry Luke," Lily whispered. "There's no reason to be, you've done nothing wrong." Luke still had his arms wrapped around her and he began to loosen them so Lily could sit up on her own. "It's obvious you tried to make things perfect and i went and ruined it for the both of us by being a big baby. I should be sorry." Lily looked away so she wouldnt be tempted to cry again. "Hey, you ruined nothing, and you're not a baby," Luke said as he took his hand and gently turned Lily's head to look at him again, "there has to be a reason that you started to cry and I'd like to help if you'd let me..." Lily looked into Luke's eyes. They looked even brighter it seemed in the dark then they did in the view of the sun. She nodded her head in a response and then her eyes quickly darted away again. "Lily....Lovely, Lovely, Lily, who would want to hurt you this bad?" Luke seemed to ask himself as well as Lily. "Why do you call me that?" Lily questioned. "You don't like it?" Luke looked slightly hurt. "No! of course i like it! No ones ever called me anything but Lily before, i was just wondering why you do," Lily quickly said. "I call you Lovely Lily because that is exactly what you are. Lovely. I mean look at yourself. You have smooth, blonde hair, a pretty face, amazing green eyes that sparkle in the sun light and in the moon light," Luke looked up at the crescent moon hanging over their heads, "all in all, Love, you're beautiful on the outside, and i would like to get to know what you're like inside to, if you'll allow me." Luke whispered the last part as if he was nervous all of a sudden. Lily looked up at the stars and made a wish before answering him, I hope he's telling the truth, Lily thought. She brought her eyes back down to him, to his dark hair and blue eyes, to the muscles on his arms, to ever little bit of him. She wanted to remember this moment for forever.  
♥ Lovely Lily: Chapter four ♥ 

Lily closed up the store and called her mom to tell her she wouldnt be home for supper. Then she called for a taxi, but none of them stopped for her. She decided to just walk to the bus stop a couple of blocks away. It was getting dark so she tried to hurry but she couldnt help having the feeling that she was being watched. She looked over her shoulder and so no one. She rounded the corner and a little boy, about 7 years old, almost ran into her on his bike. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" he shouted as her furiously rang is bell. She shook it off and kept walking. The bus stop was in sight and she could see the bus was coming so she started to jog. She reached the stop just in time and leaped on the bus before it could pull away. She handed the driver her money and walked to the back of the bus where she sat last time on the other bus. The beach was the next stop on this route so it wouldnt be long before she would get to end her feeling of anxiety and relax with Luke. She was glad that she already felt safe around him, but she also worried if this was a mistake. If liking him and possibly wanting to be more than friends was a mistake also. She didnt trust many people considering what happened with Brian and she certaintly didn't trust herself. "Baker Beach, on the right! Anyone getting off?" The bus driver's voice came through on the speakers. Lily stood and the bus screeched to a stop. She nodded her head at the driver before she got off and then made her way down to the paths leading to the beach. She took her boots off and rolled up her jeans. Not wanting to carry the boots around, she placed them in a nearby bush that was able to conceal them. It was dark enough outside now that the stars could be seen above the ocean's waves. She took a deep breath of the fresh beachy air and headed down the beach. "Lily!" she heard Luke's voice before she saw him. He was standing a little farther down the beach in what looked to be a pair of light-wash jeans and a green buttondown shirt that made him look older than 17. Lily actually started to wonder about him. How old is he? She never saw Luke in school, so where is he from? Would dating her, if this could be considered a date, be a one time thing? What if he was just visiting someone in town? She forced herself to push the questions out of her mind, for now. Lily smiled, once again took a deep breath and walked over to Luke. "Hey," Lily said casually even though her heart was pounding inside her chest so hard she was sure that he could see it beating through her thin blue tee shirt. "Hey," Luke said in the same casual way. He took her hand and led her towards a picnic blanket he had set up a few yards away. Lily could see he had set up the perfect version of a candle lit picnic at the beach. She took it all in and...

sorry! Cliff-hanger! I know, haha but if i keep going this chapter is going to go on for forever and i am super tired check in tomorrow and ill try to have a new chapter up! Thanks so much for reading
♥ Lovely Lily: Chapter Three 
The next day at Conveniently Convenient Convenience Store:

Lily sat behind the checkout counter reading Seventeen Magazine and sipping on a coffee coolata from Dunkin Donuts, her favorite. She yawned and then looked up at the clock, it was almost closing time. Normally she would be excited but the dreamy, British, Luke hadn't come in today and she was hoping he would visit. "Ding!" the bell above the door rang as a tall boy with sandy-blonde hair waltzed in holding a red rose. "Are you," he looked down at the tag, "Lovely...Lily?" Lily smiled and shook her head, she knew it could only be from one person. The boy handed over the rose and asked her to sign a slip confirming that it had been delivered. As soon as he was out of sight she looked at the tag and read it.

Lovely Lily,

I hope you don't mind that I call you that, Love. But it just fits you ever so perfectly. I am terribly sorry I could not come into the store today, which by the way has a very clever name, don't you think?  But I was busy preparing for tonight. I hope my efforts haven't gone to waste. I would be ever so happy if you, Lily (last name), would join me, Lucas Adams, tonight at Baker Beach. I do hope you find me more "trust able" and if not I would like to be given the chance to prove to you that I am. So, Lily, would you please make my day and meet me at the beach? I'll be waiting, I hope you come.


Lily re-read the letter four times before finally letting out a small laugh. She was happy he had sent this. She decided she would meet Luke. She liked being called Lovely Lily and she liked him.

 ♥ Lovely Lily: Chapter 2
"I'm so sorry! I don't have..." she started saying but then someone tapped her on the shoulder from behind. She turned around and saw a boy about her age, seventeen, with bright blue eyes and straight jet-black hair. He smiled and revealed perfectly straight white teeth and Lily was so entranced by his looks that she barely heard him say "I've got it, Love" in an adorable British accent. "Th-th-thank-you" Lily mumbled before making her way to the empty seats in the back of the bus. The boy followed and sat in the seat next to her. "My name's Lucas, but you can call me Luke. And what may I call you Love?" Luke asked. "Look, I really appreciate you paying for my fare and all but that doesn't make us insta-friends. I'm not in the mood for trusting people" Lily said aloud while thinking, especially not cute, mysterious boys with amazing accents. Luke looked slightly hurt but played it cool. "What? I don't look trustable to you?" He batted his eyes and put his hand over his heart innocently. Lily couldn't help but smile, "My name's Lily." she said quietly. "Ah I see. Lovely Lily." Luke looked at her like Brian never did, with a look of admiration. The bus pulled to a stop and Lily stood up and walked to the door. She waved back at Luke and jumped off at her apartment. She was half-way to her door when she turned around and noticed the bus was still there. Luke had his head out the window and shouted "So, Lily, will I see you again?" Lily smiled broadly and yelled back
"I work at the
convienent store down the road! Catch me there!" and with that the bus roared away.
♥ Lovely Lily: Chapter One ♥
...and when he looked into her round green eyes and said he'd love her forever, she believed him. That was her first mistake.

Lily ran out of the buillding and into the busy streets of SanFrancisco. She
could hear Brian calling her name from the sidewalk. He looked desperate.
"It was just one kiss! It didn't mean anything!" he shouted, "I love you more! She means nothing to me!" Once Lily reached the other side of the street she turned around and shouted back at him, "She's right behind you." she watched him turn around to check if Terry was behind him and Lily took off running again with her long blond hair flying behind her. "I knew he was lying when he said I was his one and only girl, but I didnt listen to myself. I should have." Tears rolled down her pale face. She reached a bus stop and sat down at the bench. She tried to compose herself so she wouldnt get on the bus looking like a wreck. Her hair was in tangles and her mascara was running down her cheeks in big black lines. She reached in her purse for some tissues to clean herself up. As she got up to throw the tissues in a nearby trashcan her cell phone started playing "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. That was Brian and Lily's song, which ment that it was him calling. She thought about whether she should answer it or not and then clicked ignore. The bus rumbled towards her waiting spot and she stood up and got on when it opened the big creaky doors. The bus driver asked her to pay the fare and Lily reached inside her jean's pocket to dig out two dollars and then realized she left her money at Brians. That was her second mistake.