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Truth or Dare
Part 04

       I ducked into a room and went to the far corner. I leaned against the wall and slowly let myself slide to the ground. I lite my candle and looked around the room that I was in. I figured it to be a bedroom because of the old fashion bed across the room from where I was. The bed wasn't made, the pillows and blankets where just thrown on it in a heap. The dresser was on the other wall with a lot of clutter on it. I got up from where I was to go take a look. There was a picture of the women and two of her daughters. They all look so happy together. There was also a hair brush and ribbons and other things scattered around the dresser.

       "What are you doing?" I heard a sweet innocent voice from behind me say. I flung around and look to see one of the little girls from the picture behind me. She was dressed the same way she was that day. "Living people aren't supposed to be here. Daddy doesn't like them." I just stared at her; I didn't know what do to. "You need to get out of here and quick." And with that she disappeared.

       I stared at the spot the little girl once stood, I knew that I had to get out of there soon or I might be stuck in here forever. I swallowed hard as I made my way back towards the hall. I stopped at the door and looked from the direction I came. I didn't see anything, but there was still no way I was going back there. There was no way out that way anyhow.

       I looked in the other direction just to see a wall. I went around the corner and it lead me into a dining room. The two outside walls were lined with windows with tattered, dirty curtain hanging in front of them. The table was set like there was going to be a big dinner party, there was even a vase full of dead flowers sitting on a table. Everything was covered with a think layer of dust like the rest of the house. I rushed to the windows thinking I had found my way out. I tried each and every one of them but they were all bolted shut, they barely creaked when I tried to open them.

       I turned and saw an open archway leading to the kitchen. There was a big wooden table tin the middle of the room, a fire place, and a wood burning stove. There wasn't much else besides what was in the broken drawers and cabinets. I spotted two doors on the opposite wall. I went to the one by the windows and pulled. To my surprise it opened. Down three steps was a small landing with a door on one side and stairs leading down to the cellar on the other. The door was nailed shut with boards and nothing was going to get me into that cellar.

       I closed the door and with little hope I tried the kitchen windows. None of them worked. I turned toward the other door wondering what it hid behind it. I slowly turned the knob and swung the door open. I gazed up the steep narrow steps into a dark shadow. I couldn't see the top of the stairs with the weak flicker of light coming from the candle. I took my first step and the stair let out a loud squeak as I started to put pressure on it. I froze thinking a ghost would come again. I quickly went up the rest of the stairs two at a time trying to make the least amount of noise.

Truth or Dare
Part 03

       Again, I started down the dark hallway. I wasn't sure if it was scarier with or without the candle. Now I could see all the dust and dirt on the floor and random objects everywhere. Pictures lined the walls, I had what felt like hundreds of eyes staring at me. I still wasn't sure who these people were. Maybe it was the family of the young women and old man's. I wasn't sure and I didn't really care. I was just scared out of my mind and wanted out. I could see doors shut tight and doors falling off their hinges every so often, but I didn't go into them. I knew none of them were going to lead me out of this place.

       Suddenly, it was pitch dark. The candle went out and I had no idea why. There wasn't any water that could have put it out or a breeze or anything. Next thing I knew there was a slight glow coming from behind me. I didn't want to look behind me to see what it was, but I had too. Slowly I turned my whole body around. Behind me stop the young women that I saw the pictures of in the library. She just stood there looking at me. She was dressed in a long green dress with long blonde hair. She had almost a slight smile on her face.

       All of a sudden her face changed. He eyes went big and turned black, as if I could just see right there them into the shadows behind her. I just stood there and stared at her with eyes almost as big as her. I couldn't move at all. My mind kept telling my feet to run but I was scared stiff. I heard heavy footsteps coming up behind her. It was the old man. He came up behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder as he had in the pictures. The young women yelled "Get out before it's too late!" and let out this hideous shriek. I still didn't run. I covered my ears and collapsed to the ground, her scream was that loud and horrible.

       Then she just stopped. I looked up from the ground; I was still too frightened to do a thing. Her eyes were still black, but her expression on her face had changed. It was now just relaxed. She looked straight ahead smiled and said, "Hello, children."

       I slowly turned my head to where she was looking. There I saw three small children looking at me with smiles on their faces. I don't know what made me finally get the courage then, but I stood up and grabbed my candle and ran right threw them. I just ran as fast as I could. I had a hand press against the wall against searching for a room for me to hopefully hide in and get away from all of this.
Truth or Dare
Part 02

        After actually reaching the hallway I realized that there was no way that I was going to be able to see anything. I put my hand up and touched the wall and took my two first steps forward gently brushing my finger tips against the wall. I kept walking slowly down the dark hall. I couldn’t see a single thing; at this point I was scared out of my mind. I jumped when my fingers hit something. I think it was just a door frame, I tried to look into a room and I saw things that looked like shelves and shelves of books. My curiosity got the best of me and I walked into the strange room. I walked up and down the rows of shelves. I could see a little bit now because there were small windows above the book cases. There had to be hundreds of books. I’ve never seen this many except for in libraries. I kept following the rows until I reached the end of the room. There was a desk with unlit candles on it and stacks of books. I grabbed one of the candles and remembered a lighter I had in my pocket. I lighted the candle and looked around. There was a book lying open on the desk. I took a closer look at it and both the pages it was open to were blank besides two words

        Look up.

        I looked up and saw an amazing tile design. It seemed almost like a story. There was a young woman is a formal dress and she was beautiful. Then in the next picture of her there was a man standing behind her. He looked way older then she did and he had a hand on her shoulder and he was smiling. She had her hand on top of his but the look on her face was far from happy. Next, there were little kids around them, obviously it was their children. The picture showed the couple standing together with the women looking lovingly upon her kids, but she stood awkwardly with her husband. The rest of the pictures just showed the man and the children, but the women was missing. The children grew up without a mother. The the children started disappearing out of the picture one by one, they barley looked old enough to be getting married or leaving home, even for back in those days. The old man is standing alone smiling in the last picture. What happened to them?

        Suddenly I felt a bone chilling breeze; I heard a slight creaking and turned to see what it was. A rocking chair that I hadn’t noticed before was rocking back and forth. The window wasn't open and I felt no breeze. I wanted to get out of there more than ever now. I rushed towards the door. I hoped I could find an exit quicker with the candle light. I continued down the hall, the candle helped a lot but I still didn’t have enough light. The end of the hall was still a dark shadow.
Truth or Dare
Part 01

       I walked into the musty old house. It looked like no one had been there in years – maybe a century. A thick layer of dust covered everything in sight, as well as the furniture being covered in sheets, gray with dirt and age. The full moon was out; it cast eerie shadows that danced across the floor and crept up the walls.
       Two steps into the dilapidated house and the floor screeched. I continued fighting the urge to flee with every step I took. Everything was still in the house, pictures, furniture, everything. No one, at least no living thing, had touched anything in years.
       I walked up to a table near one of the windows; it was covered in portraits of a family that lived there so many years ago. Cold, stiff, unsmiling faces stared back at me. Slowly, I backed away and turned to face a grand fireplace. Above the mantle there was a giant portrait of a man that looked like he could have been from the Civil War, a general, maybe? I wasn’t sure, but he wore an evil glare on his face as well as a scar. It ran from just under his left eye and curved to the corner of his mouth.
       A cold chill came over me. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard the crack of a door slamming behind me. I ran to the door and clawed desperately at it trying to pry it open. It wouldn’t budge, it was jammed shut. I would have to find another way out, but that would mean going even farther into the house.
       I turned and took another look around. This time I saw a dark hall way leading somewhere. I wasn’t sure where it went to but it had to let me out of this forsaken place sometime. I stood there leaning against the door trying to get the courage to move. This place was too creepy for words. It looked like something you would find in a movie, but with a feeling like no other. I couldn’t describe this feeling if I tried, but it felt like something or someone was watching me. I looked back at the picture of the general and swallowed. It took everything I had but I took my first steps towards the dark hallway.
The Urn
Part 04

       It's been years now since the finding of the urn. Cassandra fits in wonderfully with the town and it even feels like she's always belonged there. But it will still be many years before she realizes that the urn isn't in fact empty.

The end.
The Urn
Part 03

       Cassandra hurriedly walked down the side walk with the urn tucked snugly in her bag. She had put the urn itself in three plastic bags. She wasn’t taking the chance of it spilling now that she knew the contents. She got to the old house where the garage sale had been the day before and nothing was out anymore. Cassandra walked up to the house and knocked on the door. No one answered. She knocked a little bit harder thinking that the old woman was hard of hearing.

       “No one lives there,” said a voice from behind here. Cassandra turned around and saw a middle age woman out walking her dog.

       “What? I was just here yesterday and bought something from the yard sale,” said Cassandra confused.

       “Well, no one has lived there since Maggie died four years ago,” the woman said with a worried look on her face.

       “M-Maggie? Maggie who?” Cassandra stuttered.

       “Maggie Coleman. I have to get going,” said the woman and she walked down the street quickly, clearly creeped out.

       Cassandra stood there is shock for a few minutes. Maggie Coleman sold the urn to her. Maggie Coleman was in the urn. She finally snapped back to her senses and realized she should stand on the steps of the “abandoned house” anymore and started towards home. Cassandra searched her mind for something to do with the ashes, she couldn't just throw them away. That just wasn't right. Maybe she could spread them somewhere. 'Yeah', she thought to her self. 'I'll just do that.'

       The next day Cassandra went back to Maggie's old house around sundown. She made sure no one was looking while she crept into the back yard. 'Perfect, a tree' she thought to herself as she saw a big tall oak tree. It had to be at least fifty years old. Cassandra walked under the tree and pulled the urn down and started to carefully sprinkle the ashes around the base of the tree. When it was all done Cassandra stood there for a moment of silence to honor Maggie since she didn't know what she should say.

       “Rest in peace, Maggie Rose Coleman,” she muttered as she started on her way back home.
The Urn
Part 02

       A couple days later Cassandra was setting up her cozy little apartment. She had put the necessities away and now it was time for the fun part, decorating. She pulled pictures of her friends and family out of the boxes and carefully unwrapped them from the newspapers. She though about how perfectly the black frames would match her urn turned vase. She went to grab it from the kitchen counter where she left it. She picked it up and brought it back to her living room and set it on her book case in the middle of the pictures. She really loved the way they looked together; maybe some bright flowers would look really good in there too. She went to her bedroom and grabbed some fake pink flowers she knew she had and went back to the living room.

       She grabbed the urn from its spot on the shelf and lifts up the lid and went to put the flowers in. She stopped just in time to see the urn was full of ashes. Real human ashes. She dropped the flower and almost dropped the urn also, but that would have made thing even worse. She slammed the lid back down onto the urn and put it on the table and backed away and just stared at it.

       ‘What the hell am I going to do with that?’ Cassandra thought to herself. She was clueless. She now noticed the name engraved on the side of it, Maggie Rose Coleman.
The Urn
Part 01

       It was a gorgeous day in the old town of Clinton and since it was spring, there were garage sales scattered around town. The town’s newest resident, Cassandra, was out for a stroll to look for decorations in her first apartment. She moved from a big city and was fresh out of college so she didn’t know anybody in town. The town was small, but full of friendly people. She went from garage sale to yard sale looking for good house supplies and cute decorations.

       It was getting close to lunch time, so Cassandra decided to hit one more garage sale before she went home. She walked up to a house that no one where no one was at besides for one old lady sitting by the money box. The house was old and looked like it needed some work but it still had its charms. She looked around the tables and found mostly junk and old things no one would really want. And then she saw it, a beautiful vase. It was black with intricate gold patterns in it. She picked it up to get a better look at it.

        “Do you like that urn?” She jumped as she heard the voice of the old lady behind me. She didn’t hear her come up to me at all. She seems like a sweet old lady with her soft white hair pulled back in a bun.

        “Urn? I thought it was a vase,” Cassandra said. “That would explain why it has a lid.” She went to open the lid, but the old lady put her hands out like she wanted to take the urn so Cassandra handed it to her.

        “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I found it in the house when I moved in years ago. I never wanted to get rid of it til now,” the old lady said.

        “Why now after you’ve had it for so long?” Cassandra asked.

        “I’ve had it so long I just think it’s time for some change,” she said. “It’s only ten bucks.”

        Cassandra handed the old lady her money and stowed the urn away in her bag. She thanked the old lady and went back home for a nice lunch.