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Hey peoples :)
This is a
promotional page for the amazing electro/metal/hardcore band,Stray From Glory.
I'm assuming you haven't ever heard of them,'cos they're a pretty local band,but I'm here to make you
love them :D
Here's a little bit about the band first:
Stray from Glory is an
electro/metal/hardcore band from Tramore,Waterford,Ireland and consists of six members all under the age of 18.
Set up in
April 2010,the band is incredibly popular in the Waterford/Tramore/Dunmore region of County Waterford.
Fionn Doherty Brophy-Vocalist
Caoláin Power-Bassist
Dan White-Vocalist
Jak Howard-Guitarist
Rory Young-Drummer
Kevin Hartery-Synths

Contact the guys:




These guys are mad talented and deserve

international recognition.And so I'm

here to promote them,you're gonna looove

it :D

Love Love Love :)

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