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Craziness is contagious
so are teddybear-hugging-addiction,
tree stalking problems
and mustache.


Quotes by StreetDancer

I realize all my passwords are the same
so I decide to choose something else as the next one.
when I try to log in with these "new" passwords I remember none.
I have to change them.

I change all of them to the same skh i t.
This cycle repeats over and over again
Just hurt my heel;
may die soon

All I did today
was dancing randomly
and staring at my
maybe that could exlain my grades..

If I get fat only by thinking of pies
does it mean I'm pregnant
cause I've thought of him at times...?
sometimes I feel really sad. I feel hopeless.
But the funny thing is, I only see dark spots like...

I am getting fat
why do people frown
why does my teacher ask for homework
five years ago my bestie's boyfriend broke up with her, why did he break her heart?
why don't we have pizza for lunch, dinner and breakfast?
why can't some people smoke here?
why do people smoke?
Why is my laptop addicting
I always lose in videogames
how is she so popular
why is my nose so big
I'm waaaay short
why are there too many cars
or why are trees getting cut
there are kids starving in africa
pandas are getting extinct
my bra isn't fit
my foot itches
I sleep too much

the rest of the time I can even look at a garbage can and laugh.

Once there was a cookie that talked. He could both cookie-talk and human-talk...


oh and he had a mustache...

There's no punchline.

& I thought I could

replace ANYTHING with food...
...even the unicorns.


I painted your wings

the color of freedom
now all you need is some confidence
fly, and you'll amaze them
sky might not be so blue,
but it's not that gray
so before it's too late
taste the freedom

He and I both online 

*I get offline*
*come back later appearing offline seeing he's gone*


sometimes all you really need's a hug
but you keep pushing everyone away
cause you're scared to get denied