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Quotes by SuGaRAnDsPiCe11

*Over and Over I try
And Over and Over you lie
And Over and Over I cry
I dOn't know why...*
~everyone makes decisions~
~everyone makes choices~
.:I don't wanna let you know, that it's killing me:.
*Love means never having to say your sorry*
* Hopin n' Wishin n' Thinkin n' Dreamin *
*Who will I run to?
Who will I turn to?
Now that you left me behind
Now that your not here in my life*
Everything you say, everything you do
Makes me go crazy baby I want you
You have turned me on and that's the way it is
Nothing could be better than this
yOu either ride with us
Or cOllide with us!
*Wanted by many*
*Taken by none*
*Lookin at some*
*Waitin for one*
((*OOPS...I didn't mean to hit you, but I'm glad I did*))