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Quotes by SugarPlum96

Dear Witty,
What the heck have you become? I miss the old Witty where you could vent and make proper quotes. Not 'fangirl' quotes or 'fav if' quotes.
Sincerely, Teen who needs to vent .
When I'm cold, I don't want to wear my sweater;
I want to wear
his ..

I've built a wall ..
Not to block anyone out, but to see who loves me enough to climb over it.




The world's a roller coaster .. & I am not strapped in.


Girls will never know what they want ..
And boys will never know what they have.



It's funny how the guy who you would take a bullet for,
is generally the one behind the trigger.



I think there should be a 'Completely Broken' category on here .

Oh , don't worry about me !
It's not like I have feelings or anything . Right ?


I never get tired of typing in
I want One Direction" in the´╗┐ search bar.
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