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Quotes by SugarPlum96

Anyone else wasting 11:11 wishes on him asking you out on Valentine's Day ?
Love doesn't walk away;
people do.

That's the thing about music;
When it hits you, you don't feel pain.


; That awkward moment when you go into your closet looking for Narnia and you find the door to Monsters Inc instead ..
Thanks to Witty Detox , it taught me that if you're not pretty , then not many people will like you ..
The hardest thing in life; saying that you're okay ..
When you call that person's dead cell phone, just to hear their voice through the voicemail ♥
My life is a constant battle between my love for food, and not wanting to be fat ..

They say cutting is stupid;

well you know what's stupid?

Hurting someone so badly emotionally, that they feel they have to hurt themselves physically.

I love my 304 followers .
Anyone want to be added to that? (:
I'll follow back ,
pinky promise
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