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Quotes by SuicidalHeart

Me: I'm going to bed early
Me at 2 am: I'm gonna write a song about bread. 

"I love you" She says. 
"Prove it." He replied. 
"I don't know how..." She forced out. 
"Then you don't really love me." He walked away.
Her heart was shattered. 
She cried and prayed. 
For her to replay that day.  

My love for you is bulletproof, please don't be the one to shoot me. 
When I thought I didn't matter, things went for the better when I reached out. Message: it gets better, maybe not right away but out does. Trust me.
Stay strong. It's all worth it in the end.
Hello peoples!! Sorry for any late replies. Follow me on Wattpad. I respond a lot quicker on that app. My username is skylayn1001. Thanks!
Incase you haven't been told today, you look amazing today and I care about you and so do many others.
When life closes a door open it again. It's how doors work.
Be strong like a Ox
But be grcefull like a Fox
Be stubborn like a Cat
But playfull as a Puppy
Fit in like a Camelion
But stand out like a Lion in a sheep heard
Be with others like a Wolf
But be lone like a Bear
Be strong
Be gentle
Be stubborn
Be playful
Fit in
Stand out
Have lots of friends
Have true friends
Fixing what had already happened can mess you up in the long run.