Status: My fiance is the absolute cutest. And so is our daughter.
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My magnificant fiance. Js. (:

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looking for a friend. girls only. just someone to talk to.
are there any other mommies on here?
i wish i had friends.
I never knew this before, but witty has a banner on your birthday. Rainbows and Cats. Its so cute. :)

Do you love me for real or not real?
For Real.
Not Real.
im leaving witty.
why did witty take everyones profile pictures off? /:
i fixed mine (:

look up
itll make your day(:
Madeleine Mccann was only 9 days away from her 4th birthday when she was abducted from Praia de Luz, Portugal, May 3rd 2007, on a family holiday with some friends. Madeleine will be 9 in less than a month. And, it will be her 5th anniversary for her disappearence. Today, Madeleines parents released a new age progression image of how she may look aged 9. PLEASE, Just take a minute, to have a look at the image on my profile.I will Follow you if you do, just comment on my profile. Please, this girl needs to come home.
-stole from FindMadeleine ♥