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 ~ Hey!! I'm Autumn:) 14 years young!! Freshman ~
~ I blow out the candles every January 2nd ~
~ I love making people laugh and smile, because life's too short to worry about what other people think!! ~
~ I love photography, drawing, and I'm addicted to swimming and surfing ~
~ favorite color: Rainbow!! Favorite number: 11 ~
~ #TeamSingle #TeamForeverAlone;) ~
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Quotes by SummerSun827

you can't please someone and be someone at the same time so stop trying and just be yourself
Most people during Christmas: "I got an iPhone 5!" "I got a puppy" "I got two northfaces, a pair of uggs, and an iPad mini!!"

Me during Christmas: "Master got Dobby a sock..."
So today is my 15th birthday!!!
Just to set the records straight...
I don't listen to singers/bands, I listen to their music...
If I like a Justin Bieber song, doesn't mean
I'm obsessed with Him, I just like that particular song.

and If I listen to a One Direction song doesn't mean I fangirl them, It justs means I like a certain song. No hate to them.
...I just listen to music, not people's status.

I am... completeunsure, happy, forgotten, scared, 
upsettired, confused, accepted, alone...human
So today,
got 4 candy grams from "?"
But when the messenger handed
them to me, he said
"Four for you Glen Coco, you go 
Glen Coco!"

Christmas List
Dear Santa, this years list may be a little hard to accomplish, but I think you can handle it!

1. Straight white teeth
2. A flat stomach
3. The perfect tan

4. Long wavy blonde hair that does
everything I want it to do
5. A boyfriend;)
6. True friends
7. Strong muscles
8. Foods that never make me fat, no
matter how much I eat them
9. A bigger house (on a beach!)
10. To be popular


I would hate to be the twin that
doesn't have a boyfriend

Me: "Are you serious we look exactly the same,
and you choose the other one!"
Why do we think blankets will protect us...

Demon from paranormal activity: "Oh god!! Not a blanket, those are my weakness...

Me: ('- )     (  '-')
Black Friday...