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Quotes by SummerSunset

Me: *wakes up at 7:00 in the morning*
Me: Oh no oh no oh no
Me: We missed the bus!!! Omg, omg
Me: *Shakes sister* GET UP ITS SEVEN O'CLOCK!!!
Sister: *mumble mumble*
Me: *Looks at clock again*
Clock: *7:00 A.M August, 31 Saturday*
Me: Oh...  .__.
The difference between school and life?

In school, your taught a lesson and then given a test. 
In life, your given a test that teaches you a lesson.
            ~ Tom Bodett
Does anyone get excited over getting mail or is it just me?
My dog had eight puppies!!!
Any ideas for names?
Five girls, three boys.
That heart breaking moment
when your interrupted from an amazing dream.
Distance between
two hearts is not an
obstacle; rather a beautiful reminder of
just how strong true love can be......

Not my quote
Dad: Plays Iron Man iPad game
Dad: *Wins level* Whoopeee!! I won!
Me: Congratulations daddy. You know how to rub you finger across the screen.
We were coming to an end to our 8th graduation when music blared out of the speakers, a student in my class stood up in her chair and started dancing, then the next I knew, I heard " Do the Harlem Shake". Everyone busted out dancing.

It made my day.
My five year old brother walks past me in a tux

Me: Well hello there Mr.President
Him: I'm off to play video games
Me: The President doesn't play video games. In a tux.
Him: This one does