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Quotes by SummerSunset

If Cinderella's shoe fit so perfectly,
why did it fall off?
A duck walked up to a cornerstore and he said to the  woman
running the store:

Duck: Got any grape chapstick?
Woman: What?
Duck: Got any grape chapstick?
Woman: Actually we do but you
don't have any money do you?
Duck: Do you think you could.....
Duck: Do you think you could....
Duck: Do you think you could
Duck: ....Put it on my bill?
* And he waddled away*
-Bryant Oden
My dad and my brother came back from a
field trip to the
Outer Banks.

Dad: *enters with plastic bag and luggage*
Dad: Hey guys! We're back!
Me: *eyes bag*
Me: Are those seashells?
Dad: Yep. We had a shell of a time.
Me: Ha ha, very funny.

I love my dad

* * * * *
"Laugh your heart out

Dance in the rain
Cherish the moment
Ignore the pain
Live, Laugh, Love
Forgive and Forget
Life is too short
to be living with regrets"

* * * * *
We do the same routine in school every day
that doing something different is a

When you trip over love, it is easy to get up.
But when you f

in love,
it is impossible
to stand up again.
-Albert Einstein  
              I Tried to Crack a Joke During Dinner
Mom:*serves chicken*
Mom: Who wants a leg?
Me: I don't know about you, but I'll stick with just two legs.Heh.
Sister: Your so stupid.
Brother: Was that supposed to be a joke?
Me: You guys really don't appreciate good humor.
My mom got an Ipad,
which is suprising because she doesn't even know how to turn the Wii on.
I hate it when people lay the "wait till you're older" bomb on you.
Especially when they're younger than you.
Common Ground
On the dark side of the moon
where death comes sooner
than expected;
at the edge of heartbreak
we both take
a leap
into the unknown;
at the center of loneliness
we dip into a pool
of tears
and thrash around
desperate not to drown;
we both reach out
for a life preserver,
something to hold on to
something sturdy
something new
That's when we see it,
a buoy called friendship
bobbing up between us
and we swim toward it
for all we are worth
and we meet there
somewhere in the middle
~Nikki Grimes~