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SummerSunset's Favorite Quotes

it's a metaphor.
"you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do it's killing."

"But I'm like... really short."
"And I'm horribly lazy. We all have our demons, the only difference is you can't fight yours."
                                               -Conversation between my friend and I


I feel as though my personality is just a mixture of
those that harbor the characters I have read about.

Your Soul

There’s a fragile sight in my view
Of your soul- so frail and thin
Its glass-like shell is cracked
And the healing can’t begin

Slow and painful is your decent
Into a sea of broken thoughts
With the cracks ever widening
And your spirit left in knots

I extend a hand to help
But I only meet closed eyes
Aid is far from your reach now
And your pain is your reprise

Over and over
Repeat and repeat still
You can’t end your suffering
And wonder if you ever will

You thought it would get better
But everything has gone downhill
The glass is now shattered
And the shards are starting to kill

Your mind is in ruins
Everything has fallen apart
Life’s harsh conditions
Has stop your beating heart

So now I know the truth
Of how far you’ve come
And that life is just a he11 
That we can’t escape from

My poem. Feel free to criticize.

If a plant is sad, do the other plants photosympathize?

That's the thing though, my heart is too much like an onion. You keep peeling back the layers hoping to reach something but eventually, your hands are empty and all you're  left with is the shell. My heart is a shell with layers upon layers covering it that only lead to more layers. That's why I can't love you. I'm afraid you'll peel back all my layers and realize there was never anything there to love to begin with.


My backpack needs to go on a diet
Today a officer came into my class to talk about substance abuse.
He had a few pictures in his hands and he said he already spoke with the family
and that they were okay with him sharing this story. He showed us a picture of the
cuteset baby boy I had ever seen. His name was Jason, and he showed us more 
pictures, and he told us how intellegent he was, and what great of an athlete he was.
But then he said at the age of fifteen, Jason started using marij/uana. At first it was
no big deal, but then he got hooked. He used marij/uana so much he didn't even get
a high from it anymore, so he moved onto me/th. Jason's parents had no idea as
to what was going on, they were just called about Jason's grades going from A's to
F's. Then they got called into school almost every week due to Jason getting in a 
fight. He was just so angry all the time and he just wanted to fight anyone. One night
he came home and his mother said something to him he didn't quite like, so he 
slammed her through a wall. When Jason's dad got home, he was so angry, he 
beat Jason senseless. But that didn't help anything. Jason went back to the drugs
and back to the fighting. He started stealing from everyone for me/th. Then he got
in more trouble for beating up people. One day Jason and his friends were so
messed up on drugs, for fun they went driving down the road, attacking people,
beating some to the point they were in the hospital. Jason got arrested, they all
got arrested. But Jason's parent's loved that sweet little boy in the baby picture
so much, they took him in after three years in prison, as long as he got help.
Jason didn't get any help, he went back to the drugs, he went back to the 
crowd of people he had always hung out wtih. When Jason was twenty five
years old his parents came home, Jason was there waiting for them. He
attacked his parents with a knife in both hands and was planning on killing
both of his parents. His dad had no choice. He shot him, and he was taken to
the hospital. Jason survived, and he recovered and he went back home. Where
he returned to the substance abuse. Not long after that, Jason had done it
for far too long, and he hated himself, and he took his own life. And what was 
worse for the family was Jason had a younger sister. Who was following right along
in her brothers footsteps. But luckily for her, she some how found her way out. She
was clean, and she is now a happy thirty four year old woman with two daughters.
Then the officer looked at us and said "I know what you're thinking 'How do we
know you're telling the truth?" he paused for a moment, before I almost saw
a grown man burst into tears, he said "Jason was my son."
Very thoughtful and beautiful quotes, with just as beautiful a personality. She has lovely formats for each and everyone of her quotes and more people should follow her because not nearly enough do.

my aunt: *reading through funny pinterest pictures*
my aunt: *laughs*
my aunt: Haha listen to this one.
my aunt: 'You're like my pinky toe, sooner or later I'm gonna bang you on a table.'
my aunt: Hahaha- WAIT THAT WAS DIRTY!